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  • Trotec TTR 1400 Industrial Desiccant Dehumidifier

Trotec TTR 1400 Industrial Desiccant Dehumidifier 177 Litres

  • 177 Litres Per Day
  • Robust Stainless-Steel Housing
  • Rotor Rotation Control
  • Duoventic Control
  • Overtemperature Protection System
  • G4 Air Filters In Z-Line Design
  • Reliable Silica Gel Sorption Rotor
  • Electric Regeneration Heating
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Configurable Air Direction Reversal: The dehumidifier housing comes ready for mirror-inverted assembly of the airflow ducts. This ensures that the device can be positioned with the operator's side facing the user. If desired, you also have the option of adjusting the airflow direction to your specifications using a modular conversion. Thanks to the configurable air direction reversal air can be blown out and discharged from either direction.

Duoventic Air Volume Regulation: The high-performance fans are operated by energy-saving EC motors. Their speed can be adjusted independently using Duoventic regulator. The TTR 1400 can be configured quickly and to your requirements.

Service-Friendly Design: The TTR 1400 has a maintenance-friendly design. The inner mechanics can be accessed easily thanks to the built-in lockable doors and filter flaps. Each device comes equipped with separate G4 air filters in Z-line design, both for process and air regeneration. A filter used to monitor unit with a warning light is also fitted as standard.

Resistant Design: Made from the finest stainless steel these devices offer a robust design. Each is corrosion-resistant and has been crafted to withstand adverse operational environments. This makes it perfect for use in an extensive variety of environments. These include the chemical, pharmaceutical, and Food industries. For mechanical engineering, to protect machines, inventory, and buildings from corrosion, condensation, and mould formation.

High Dry Air Flow Rate: The TTR series desiccant dehumidifiers take advantage of the vapour pressure gradient between the humid air and a hygroscopic sorption agent. This is incorporated into a desiccant wheel with an extremely large surface structure. This procedure ensures a high dehumidification performance even at a low humidity level and low air temperatures.

Power-Saving: Thanks to the two separate airflows built into the device humid air can be separately expelled and then redigested to be processed again. This Trisorp Dual principle allows for more efficient production of dried air flow saving you the power and the cost that comes with its use.


Trotec TTR 1400 Industrial Desiccant Dehumidifier

A Highly Efficient Air Filtration System

The Trotect TTR 1400 is a robust, highly efficient, and cost-effective dehumidifying system. Constructed from the finest stainless steel available these units are built to last. These highly versatile machines have been crafted to offer a seamless and customizable source of sir regulation. Each unit has been designed for seamless installation. With its mirror-inverted assembly of the airflow ducts, this dehumidifier can be installed so as to have airflow move in either direction through the inner system.

Service Friendly Design

Resilient & Easy To Repair

The TR 1400 comes designed for seamless maintenance and servicing. The inner machine is accessible through a built-in lockable door and a set of filter flats. Its robust stainless-steel body keeps it resilient leaving little need for in-depth maintenance. Still, the dehumidifier can be serviced effortlessly if any issues do arise. Resistant against a variety of extreme environmental conditions these units can be utilized to great effectiveness in a wide variety of industries.

Designed For Any Industry

Versatile & Effective

The pre-dehumidification of hygroscopic products in storage, transport, and dosing systems. Process air dehumidification for gas turbines and humidity regulation in gas distribution stations. Frost protection in freezing tunnels and cold stores. Dehumidifying or drying process air in sectors of the chemical and pharmaceutical industry, the electronics and semiconductor industry, or the food industry.

Preventing the formation of condensate, material changes, or granules from going lumpy during plastic processing. Process air drying and dehumidification of systems steel industry. Dry keeping of air and dew point control in cold stores. Dry keeping of air in water processing facilities and pump stations. Climate conditioning in ammunition depots or military equipment depots. Dehumidification and dew point control in cleanrooms and drying rooms. Climate conditioning in the field of dry air storage or in timber stores.

Energy Efficient

Cost Effective

The TTR 1400 comes with a high-performance energy-saving EC Motor. The speed of which can be altered independently using the Duoventic regulator. These units also operate on the Trisorp Dual principle. Effectively this means two separate air flow ducts are used to process and regenerate air with one fan each. The process air to be dehumidified is sucked in by a fan and flows through the dehumidification sector of the rotating desiccant wheel. There the contained moisture is withdrawn by the sorbent and in the further course, the dried air flows towards the air outlet.

The regeneration air is also sucked in by a separate fan and guided through the purging sector. The desiccant wheel heats up due to the released desiccation heat and the regeneration heat, the purging sector serves for heat recovery and for cooling the desiccant wheel. This leads to reduced energy input and improved dehumidification performance. Whilst flowing through the heater battery the air is heated up, during this the relative humidity is reduced. As a result, the air passing through the regeneration sector absorbs the moisture retained by the silica gel and can then be released to the outside as humid regeneration air through the humid air outlet. These two features in combination massively reduce energy usage and result in a more cost-effective operation.

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General information
Article number
Dry air (in case of intake air 20°C / 60 % RH)
Dehumidification [kg/24h] 177.6
Dehumidification [kg/h] 7.4
Air volume free-blowing [m³/h] 1,750
Nominal air volume | Dry air (in case of intake air 20 °C / 60 % RH) [m³/h] 1,450
External compression | Dry air (in case of intake air 20 °C / 60 % RH) [Pa] 300
Connection inlet Ø [mm] | Dry air (in case of intake air 20 °C / 60 % RH) 250
Connection outlet Ø | Dry air (in case of intake air 20 °C / 60 % RH) [mm] 250
Regeneration air
Nominal air volume | Regeneration air [m³/h] 270
External compression | Regeneration air [Pa] 300
Connection inlet Ø | Regeneration air [mm] 160
Connection outlet Ø | Regeneration air [mm] 160
Operating principle
Operating principle TTR Trisorp Dual
Operating range
Min. temperature [°C] -20
Max. temperature [°C] 40
Min. humidity [% RH] 0
Max. humidity [% RH (non-condensing)] 100
Electrical values
Mains connection 380 - 480 V/50 - 60 Hz
Nominal current consumption [A] 15
Installed capacity [kW] 9.8
Heating capacity [kW] 9
Recommended fusing [A] 16
Electric connection
Terminal connection Yes
Automatic dehumidification
Non-stop dehumidification Yes
Length (packaging excluded) [mm] 734
Width (packaging excluded) [mm] 649
Height (packaging excluded) [mm] 942
(packaging excluded) [kg] 100


Housing type

Stainless steel
Device version

Indoor installation (standard)
Shelter against the weather

Wide-range voltage
Rotor rotation control (rotor and drive)
Overtemperature protection system with restart lock (regeneration air)
Operating temperature management (regeneration air)
Filter monitoring (per air current and collective warning light)
Duoventic control
Terminals for external ON/OFF
Configurable air direction reversal (conversion requires minimal effort)
Terminals hygrostat
Potential-free contacts (operation, fault, filter)
Operating hours counter
Air volume regulation
Integrated heat recovery
Hygrostat (electronic)
Hygrostat (mechanical)
Moisture control
Moisture and temperature registration
Sensor-supported Flowmatic control

Regeneration heating design

Electric resistance
Air pre- and post-treatment


Transport frame
Swivel casters with brake
Trestle rollers/ fixed castors
Crane lifting gear
Forklift pockets

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