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  • Master DHP20 Portable Refrigerant Dehumidifier 240v
  • Master DHP20 Portable Refrigerant Dehumidifier 240v
  • Master DHP20 Portable Refrigerant Dehumidifier 240v
  • Master DHP20 Portable Refrigerant Dehumidifier 240v
  • Master DHP20 Portable Refrigerant Dehumidifier 240v
  • Master DHP20 Portable Refrigerant Dehumidifier 240v
  • Master DHP20 Portable Refrigerant Dehumidifier 240v
  • Master DHP20 Portable Refrigerant Dehumidifier 240v
  • Master DHP20 Portable Refrigerant Dehumidifier 240v
  • Master DHP20 Portable Refrigerant Dehumidifier 240v
  • Master DHP20 Portable Refrigerant Dehumidifier 240v
  • Master DHP20 Portable Refrigerant Dehumidifier 240v

Master DHP20 Portable Refrigerant Dehumidifier 240v 16 Litres

  • Extracts Up To 16 Litres Per Day
  • Integrated Condensate Pump
  • Operating Temp Range 5°C to 32°C
  • Auto Shut-Off Feature
  • Built-in Hydrostat & Intuitive Dial Controls
  • Continuous Drainage Possible
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Removes Up To 16L/Day: The Master DHP20 offers a great moisture extraction level with continuous operation, which is ideal for preventing condensation, damp and mould in many commercial and industrial spaces. Ideal for drying spaces following leaks, floods, decorating and construction work.

Continuous Operation: Featuring an integrated condensate pump and permanent drain facility, the DHP20 portable dehumidifier allows continuous drainage of collected moisture. The discharge hose is 7 metres long and the water can be pumped up to 6 metres. It allows for more flexibility in positioning the unit, even in basements and cellars. This means there is no need to continuously empty a water tank and the unit can be left to run for long periods.

Robust Rotomoulded Housing: The outer shell is made from rotomolded polyethylene that keeps the weight low, but also provides durability and impact resistance on site.

Lightweight & Portable Design: Combining a weight of 21kg, a sturdy telescopic handle, a grab handle and two robust wheels, the unit is easy to move between sites and to places where it can be most effective.

Safety Cut-Out: The Master industrial dehumidifier features an automatic shutoff feature, which prevents damage to the unit when there are unexpected issues, such as water outlet blockage, incorrect positioning or overheating.

Built-In Hydrostat: It allows you to set and maintain a desired humidity level on the dehumidifier using its intuitive dial control panel.

Unnoticeable Operation: The Master DHP20 dehumidifier operates at 53dB, which brings minimal disturbance to staff or workers.

Versatile Applications: It operates effectively from 5°C to 32°C as well as from 30% to 90% of relative humidity level. Therefore, the DHP20 is built to withstand harsh industrial environments and endure heavy-duty usage.


Master DHP20 16-Litre Portable Refrigerant Dehumidifier

Compact & robust dehumidifier built for heavy-duty applications

The Master DHP20 Portable Refrigerant Dehumidifier is highly effective in removing up to 16 litres of moisture per day. Its continuous operation makes it perfect for commercial and industrial environments, effectively preventing moisture issues like condensation, dampness and mould growth. It is particularly useful for drying out areas that have undergone decorating and construction work. 

The dehumidifier has versatile applications and helps reduce humidity levels, making the space less favourable for allergens, dust mites, mould, and mildew. It also aids in expediting the drying process of freshly plastered rooms. The Master dehumidifier can be employed after leaks, flooding or water damage to effectively extract excess moisture from the affected room. It is also highly beneficial for drying plaster or artex, enabling quicker completion of room decoration.

The sturdy rotomoulded polyethylene housing of the DHP20 dehumidifier offers a lightweight design while ensuring durability and protection against impacts at construction sites. Furthermore, the corrosion-resistant feature enhances its longevity. With its wide temperature range of operation (from 5°C to 32°C) and capacity to handle relative humidity levels from 30% to 90%, the DHP20 is designed to withstand demanding industrial environments and heavy usage. Perfect for hiring purposes.

The portable DHP20 dehumidifier offers continuous operation through its built-in condensate pump and permanent drain facility. With a 7-metre long discharge hose and the ability to pump water up to 6 metres, it provides flexibility in unit placement, including basements and cellars. This eliminates the need for regular emptying of a water tank and allows the dehumidifier to run for extended periods without interruption. The DHP20 does not include a water tank due to its compact size.

The Master industrial dehumidifier incorporates a safety cut-out function that automatically shuts off the unit to prevent any potential damage in the event of an issue. In addition, it is equipped with a built-in hydrostat that enables you to easily set and maintain a specific humidity level using the easy-to-use dial control panel on the dehumidifier.

The Master DHP20 dehumidifier boasts a lightweight and portable design. With a weight of 21kg, it allows for effortless transportation between different locations for optimal dehumidification. The robust telescopic handle, convenient grab handle and two durable wheels make it easy to move around, even on uneven surfaces. Furthermore, its operation produces minimal noise, with a noise level of only 53dB, ensuring that it goes unnoticed by staff or workers, causing minimal disturbance.

For better results, the Master DHP20 can be used in combination with a heater and/or an air mover or carpet dryer to speed up the drying process.


Voltage: 240 Volt
Max Room Size (Approximate): 60 m²
Capacity (30°C/80% RH): 16 Litres Per 24 Hours
Air Displacement: 375 m³/hr
Operating Range (Temperature): 5 - 32°C
Operating Range (Humidity): 30 - 90%
Power Consumption: 395 Watts
Capacity: 16 Litres
Permanent Drain Facility: Yes
Built-In Condensate Pump: Yes
Refrigerant Gas: R1234YF
Continuous Operation: Yes
Built In Hydrostat: Yes
Automatic Shut Off: Yes
Pump Lifting Height: 6 Metres
Pump Discharge Length: 7 Metres
Tank Full Indicator: Not Applicable
Controls: Dial
Housing: Rotomoulded
Length: 360mm
Width: 330mm
Height: 490mm
Noise Level: 53 db(A)
IP Rating: IPX0
Weight: 21kg

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