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  • Fral Avalanche CRS Split Portable Air Conditioning Unit 3 Phase

Fral Avalanche CRS Split Portable Air Conditioning Unit 3 Phase 27kW

  • 27kW / 92,000 BTU Cooling Capacity
  • Split-Air System With 2 External Units
  • Portable Design & Easy Installation
  • Low Operating Temperature 10°C
  • Ideal For Commercial & Industrial Spaces
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This product uses a 3-Phase power supply and will not work with a standard 110v or 240v 3-pin socket.

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27kW Cooling Capacity: A high-performance air conditioning unit for a variety of commercial and industrial applications, in particular large offices, server rooms, data centres, warehouses, factories and ironing rooms.

Max Airflow 3,200mᶟh: The large volume of air movement is great for keeping large spaces cool.

Split Air Conditioning System: This three-phase air conditioning system comprises the main unit, which sits within the space, and two smaller external heat rejector units, which sit outside and dispel warm air.

Condensate Pump: Automatically removes water and pumps it away, which allows the unit to run continuously.

Built-in Digital Thermostat: Switches the unit on or off to regulate the local air temperature according to the desired environmental settings.

Sturdy Steel Frame: Made of sturdy galvanised steel, the Avalanche is coated with epoxy powder to ensure high resistance to atmospheric agents and harsh environments. The panels are removable to allow quick inspection and maintenance of internal parts.

Washable Air Filter: Supplied as standard, the polyurethane air filter is washable and easily replaced.

Robust Castors & Handle: Equipped with a set of sturdy wheels and a handle, the main unit can be moved around to different areas easily.

Hot Gas Defrost: Facilitates the defrosting of any ice that collects on the evaporator and allows the unit to be operated in conditions where the temperature is below 10°C.

Microprocessor: It regulates the temperature, alarm, compressor timer, and defrosting cycles alongside a step-sequence control.


Fral Avalanche CRS Split Portable Air Conditioning Unit


The Fral Avalanche CRS 27kW Split Air Conditioning Unit is a high-performance air conditioner that is ideal for use in a variety of commercial and industrial applications. This air conditioning unit has three fan speeds and a cooling capacity of 27kW, making it well-suited to cooling large spaces like server rooms, data centres, factories, warehouses, and offices. With a maximum airflow of 3,200mᶟh, the unit can move a huge volume of air, making it effective in cooling these large spaces.

This air conditioning system employs a 380/400V three-phase power supply and therefore cannot be used with a regular 110V or 240V 3-pin electrical outlet. It consists of a primary unit located within the space to be cooled and two external heat rejector units sitting outside removing warm air. The installation is very simple and will only take a few minutes to set up. The primary unit is linked to the external units, which can be positioned up to 30 metres away thanks to glycol fast connecting umbilical lines. 20m & 30m umbilical lines are available as optional accessories. The umbilical cord includes a flow return pipe, a condensate pipe, and a power cable. The Avalanche CRS also comes with a condensate pump that automatically pumps water away, enabling the unit to operate continuously. Additionally, it comes with an integrated digital thermostat that modulates the local air temperature with reference to the desired environmental settings.

The Fral Avalanche CRS air conditioner is designed with durability and ease of maintenance in mind. It has a sturdy steel frame made of galvanised steel and is powder-coated with epoxy to ensure the highest level of resistance to atmospheric agents and extreme conditions. The unit's panels can be taken off providing convenient access to the internal parts for inspection and maintenance. The high-efficiency polyurethane water filter is washable and replaceable. Not only does it improves the air quality and efficiency, but it also allows for easy maintenance and a longer lifespan of the unit. It also features robust castors and a handle for easy manoeuvring. Other features include hot gas defrost allowing the Avalanche CRS to operate at a temperature lower than 10°C, and a microprocessor that regulates the temperature, alarm, compressor timer, and defrosting cycles with a step-sequence control.

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Cooling Capacity (25°C 55% Indoor, 30°C Outdoor): 27kW / 92,000 BTU/h
Absorbed Power (25°C 55% Indoor, 30°C Outdoor): 9.5kW
Absorbed Current (25°C 55% Indoor, 30°C Outdoor): 22.8A
Fan Speed - Max speed: 3,200m3/h
Fan Speed - Normal speed: 2,700m3/h
Fan Speed - Low speed: 2,500m3/h
Outdoor Unit Airflow: 2 units x 2,700cm/h
Refrigerant: R410a
Indoor Unit Noise (at 3m in free field) at max speed: 59dB(A)
Indoor Unit Noise (at 3m in free field) at med speed: 56dB(A)
Indoor Unit Noise (at 3m in free field) at min speed: 54dB(A)
Outdoor Unit Noise (at 3m in free field) at max speed: 52dB(A)
Maximum distance between the two units: 30m
Voltage Available: 380-400/3/50
Indoor Unit Dimensions (WxHxD): 1190 x 1840 x 560mm
Indoor Unit Weight: 260kg
Outdoor Unit Dimensions (WxHxD): 930 x 895 x 641mm
Outdoor Unit Weight: 2 x 35kg

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