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  • electriQ iQool-Smart 15HP Wall Mounted Air Conditioner and Heat Pump 230v
  • electriQ iQool-Smart 15HP Wall Mounted Air Conditioner and Heat Pump 230v
  • electriQ iQool-Smart 15HP Wall Mounted Air Conditioner and Heat Pump 230v
  • electriQ iQool-Smart 15HP Wall Mounted Air Conditioner and Heat Pump 230v
  • electriQ iQool-Smart 15HP Wall Mounted Air Conditioner and Heat Pump 230v
  • electriQ iQool-Smart 15HP Wall Mounted Air Conditioner and Heat Pump 230v
  • electriQ iQool-Smart 15HP Wall Mounted Air Conditioner and Heat Pump 230v
  • electriQ iQool-Smart 15HP Wall Mounted Air Conditioner and Heat Pump 230v

electriQ iQool-Smart 15HP Wall Mounted Air Conditioner and Heat Pump 230v 3.5kW

  • 3.5kW / 12,000 BTU/hr Cooling Output 
  • 4-in-1 Cooling, Fan, Heating & Dehumidifier Unit
  • 35m² Area Coverage
  • 3-Speed Fan
  • Efficient Heat Pump
  • Wi-Fi Connectivity & Remote Control
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3.5kW Cooling Capacity: Impressive cooling power for cooling larger rooms up to 35m². Ideal for home, office or commercial use.

Removes Up To 24L/Day: With an excellent capacity, its dehumidification mode helps you combat condensation, damp and mould at home.

Excellent Energy Efficiency: The electriQ iQool 15HP has an A-rated energy efficiency, making it extremely efficient and a fantastic addition to your home that will lower your costs.

Wall-Mounted Climate Solution: This air conditioning unit is affixed to the wall and does not require an outdoor unit. Only two air vents can be seen externally, making it an ideal choice for locations such as conservation areas, skyscrapers, tall buildings or places where it is challenging to install an outdoor unit. There are options for high or low wall installations for maximum flexibility.

Slim Yet Efficient: At 61dB, the iQool is designed to run efficiently with minimal noise. It also has a slim profile (20cm) that saves space and is even thinner than a traditional split air conditioning unit. The unit also has a contemporary appearance that complements any design aesthetic.

Year-Round Climate Control: Featuring a 2.93kW heat pump, the iQool can become an air conditioner and a heater interchangeably depending on the season for all-year-round comfort. It is also a more cost-effective and efficient way to heat your room when compared to conventional central or electrical heating, as it merely operates on a small amount of power.

Excellent Remote Features Via WiFi: You can connect the unit to your smartphone with their app once it’s connected to WiFi. You can access, control, monitor and schedule all in one go in the app. The app is Alexa and Google Assistant compatible, and it allows access sharing via QR code.

24-Hour Timer: Together with the app, you can set the unit to automatically run at off-peak hours when the energy tariff is cheaper.

Greener Way of Cooling: The iQool 15HP is HFC-free and employs a green refrigerant with zero ozone depletion potential.


electriQ iQool-Smart Wall Mounted Heat Pump Air Conditioner


The electriQ iQool 15HP Smart Wall Mounted Heat Pump Air Conditioner boasts great cooling power, with a capacity of 3.5kW that can efficiently cool larger spaces up to 35m². It is highly energy-efficient with an A rating, which translates to lower costs for you. This wall-mounted unit is a perfect solution for homes, offices, or commercial spaces, requiring only two external air vents and making it an excellent choice for locations with limitations on external unit installation. It has a slim profile, measuring only 20cm deep, and operates quietly with a noise level of 61dB. The unit also comes with a 4-in-1 function that includes cooling, heating, a 3-speed turbo fan and a dehumidifier. Combining practicality with its aesthetically pleasing, contemporary design, this unit complements any room or space.

The 4-in-1 iQool 15HP air conditioner provides year-round climate control with its 2.93kW heat pump. It can alternate between cooling and heating, making it a versatile choice for any season. Using the unit as a heater is also a more efficient and cost-effective way to warm up your room compared to traditional central or electrical heating systems, in particular during transitional seasons. In addition, the unit has a dehumidification mode that can remove up to 24 litres of moisture per day, preventing condensation, damp and mould from growing in your room.

The electriQ iQool 15HP air conditioner comes equipped with built-in WiFi, allowing you to remotely control and monitor the unit through their app on your smartphone. The app is easy to use and offers advanced scheduling, voice control via Alexa or Google Assistant, and smart home automation within Alexa or Google Assistant. The app also allows you to share access to the unit with others through QR code sharing, which is ideal for use in commercial settings that require multiple access such as schools, hospitals, gyms, holiday homes or offices. You can even control multiple air conditioners using the app. With the  iQool 15HP’s smart WiFi feature, you can save money by setting it to run during off-peak energy hours, and you can even control it using voice commands with Alexa or Google Assistant.

The electriQ iQool 15HP offers a range of eco-friendly features that make it an excellent choice for anyone looking to cool their home or office sustainably. For instance, the advanced scheduling feature helps reduce your carbon footprint, and saving you money on your energy bill. The unit also employs a green refrigerant that has no ozone depletion potential, making it a more environmentally friendly option for cooling compared to traditional air conditioners that use HFCs. The unit also comes with digital controls and an LED screen, making it easy to operate and monitor.


Dehumidification (max): 24 L/day
Air flow (at high speed): 500 m³/h
Power supply (V): 220-240
12,000 BTU cooling / 10,000 BTU heating
Maximum operating temperature: 35°C
3.5 kW Cooling, 2.93 kW Heating
Running Power consumption (W) 1.35 kW (cooling), 0.815kW (heating)
Running Current: 6.0 Amps
Directional louvres
Noise Level: ≤61dB(A)

What's In The Box

1 x Air Conditioner
1 x Remote control
1 x Wall Template
Screws+Wall Plugs
2 x Vent Cover Assembly
2 x Plastic Ductiong Sheet
1 x Wall Bracket

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