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EBAC PF400 Ventilator Fan 230v 3,500 m³/hr

  • EBAC PF400 Ventilator Fan 230v
  • 305mm Diameter
  • 3,500 m³/hr Airflow
  • Welded, All Steel Body
  • Stoved Epoxy Finish
  • Lightweight Construction
  • Balanced Carrying Handles
  • Rubber Anti Vibration Feet
  • Freestanding
  • For Cooling, Ventilation & Extraction
  • Suitable For Ducting
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Max Airflow of 3500m3/h: Excellent airflow rate to move high volumes of air.

Robust Construction: The PF400 has an all steel, welded body with a stoved epoxy finish.

Various Applications: This versatile unit is ideal for cooling, ventilation, and extraction applications.

Lightweight Construction: Offers excellent mobility on busy sites and features a balanced carrying handle.

Freestanding: Versatile and flexible enough for a rage of environments, with rubber anti vibration feet.

Suitable For Ducting: You can attach flexible ducting to vent high volumes of air into a specific space.


EBAC PF400 Ventilator Fan

Heavy-duty, versatile air mover

The EBAC PF400 Ventilator Fan is a heavy-duty fan that you can use for cooling, ventilation, and extraction in a range of environments. Its versatility makes it ideal for hire, construction, and other demanding industries. The EBAC PF400 provides a maximum airflow of 3500 m³/h with a substantial air throw. You can use it to improve air quality wherever you are.

As a ventilator fan, this powerful unit supplies fresh air to crowded and poorly ventilated areas. It improves stuffy conditions so that they do not become unpleasant and unhealthy for occupants. You can also use the EBAC PF400 to draw out fumes, smoke, odours, chemicals, and particles from enclosed spaces. As an extractor fan, it prevents the build-up of any pollutants that can be a risk to health and safety. You can also use the PF400 fan to supply a cool airstream to hot and humid areas, keeping working conditions comfortable.

The EBAC PF400 fan is exceptionally robust and durable. It has an all-steel, welded construction and a stoved epoxy finish that offers incredible resilience in demanding environments. This fan is lightweight, allowing excellent mobility on-site, and it is also freestanding, with rubber, anti-vibration feet so that you can rest it on most surfaces. The EBAC PF400 has an integrated, balanced carry handle, and you can use it over long distances with ducting, directing air into or out of remote spaces.


Height (mm): 355
Width (mm): 353
Depth (mm): 350
Weight(kgs): 19
Voltage: 230
Phase: 1
Frequency(Hz): 50
Power(kW): 0.55
Current(A): 3
Airflow(m3/hr): 3500
Noise Level(dba): 70
Min Operating Temp (°C): 0
Max OperatingTemp (°C): 40

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