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EBAC BD70 Industrial Dehumidifier 230v/110v 12 Litres

  • EBAC BD70 Industrial Dehumidifier 230v/110v
  • Portable Industrial Building Dryer
  • Removes Up To 12 Litres Per Day
  • Available in Single & Dual Voltage
  • Gravity Fed Condensate Drainage
  • Heavy Duty Construction
  • Operating Temp Of 3°C to 35°C
  • Hot Gas Defrost
  • Nominal Effective Area: 100m3
  • Ideal Following Trade Work & Water Damage
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Removes Up To 12L Per Day: The Ebac BD70 building dryer extracts plenty of water from the air to speed up drying times on site following construction, renovation and decorating work, or following flood and leak damage.

170m3/hr Airflow: Single speed fan offers great airflow, making this unit suitable for areas up to 100m3.

All Steel Construction: This heavy-duty dehumidifier can endure the shocks and the knocks that are common in busy, fast-paced working areas.

Single Voltage & Dual Voltage Options: Available in either 230V or 110/230V dual voltage.

Gravity Fed Condensate Drainage: The collected moisture runs out of the unit via a gravity fed drain. You can connect a hose to the drainage spout for continous operation, or you can place a container under the spout to collect condensate.

Portable Design: A robust handle and castors make moving the dehumidifier to where it is needed easy.

Hot Gas Defrost: High pressure hot gas from the compressor is diverted into the evaporator coil, where it melts the ice which has formed on the evaporator coil. This defrost control device is timed to operate every 55 minutes for a period of five minutes, to keep the dehumidifier operating efficiently even in cold conditions.

R290 Gas Refrigerant: The gas used in the hermetically sealed refrigeration circuit is R290 Gas, which is an HFC and has a zero-ozone depletion factor.

Made In The UK: Designed and built by experts in the industry and made to last.


EBAC BD70 Industrial Building Dryer

12 litre portable dehumidifier for industrial applications

The EBAC BD70 is an efficient and robust portable building dryer, ideal for plasterers, decorators and other tradespeople for drying out rooms and spaces following wet trade work, or following leaks and flood damage.

This industrial dehumidifier has the capacity to extract up to 12 litres of moisture from the air per day. It has an airflow rate of 170m3/hr, while boasting an operating temperature range of 3°C to 35°C and a humidity range of 35 per cent to 90 per cent. The BD70 is popular with tool hire companies, due to its simple operation, robust design and effective performance. It helps to ensure work is finished on time and prevents issues with condensation, damp and mould. In newly built or partially completed buildings, these heavy-duty dehumidifiers enable interior plaster, screeds and timberwork to be dried at a controlled rate.

Moisture extracted from the air by this building dryer runs out of the unit via a spout. A container can be placed under the spout to collect the water, or a hose can be connected to the spout, allowing for condensate to be gravity fed to a drain , for continuous operation.

Its all-steel construction means this heavy-duty dehumidifier can endure the shocks and the knocks that are common in busy, fast-paced working areas. The portable design, with large wheels and a handle, makes this unit easy to transport and move around on site.

The built-in defrost function kicks in if the ambient temperature of the room falls below 15°C. High-pressure hot gas from the compressor is diverted into the evaporator coil and melts the ice that has formed on the coils, ensuring reliable performance even in colder conditions.

This unit is available in both single voltage (230v) and dual voltage (230v/110v).

Why Choose An EBAC Dehumidifier?

Where there is a need for fast, reliable and energy-efficient drying, the BD70 has the answer.  In new building construction, renovation, alteration of existing buildings or in special circumstances such as flooding, these dehumidifiers reduce moisture levels within the space without the risk of damage to the building materials.

How Easy Are EBAC Dehumidifiers To Use?

Simplicity is one of the major benefits of the EBAC BD70 Industrial Dehumidifier. To dry out any space, you need only to check that all doors and windows are closed, wheel the unit to a convenient location, connect to the supply and press the start button. Drainage of condensate from the machine is equally simple – either by connecting a hose to the drainage spout and leading it to a drain, or by placing a container under the spout.


Dimensions (H x W x D) mm: 508x305x305
Weight: 27kg
Voltage: 230v / 230-110v
Phase: 1
Frequency: 50Hz
Power: 0.46kW
Current: 2A (SV), 4/2A (DV)
Airflow: 170 m3/hr
Effective Volume: 100m3
Typical Extraction (30°C 80%RH): 12L per day
Operating Temp Range: 3°C - 35°C
Refrigerant Type: R290 Gas
On/Off Control Via Humdistat: No
Carrying Handle: Yes
Hot Gas Defrost: Yes
Electronic Defrost Timer: Yes
Voltage Selection Switch: Dual Voltage Model Only
Castors: Yes
Free Standing: Yes
Gravity Drain: Yes
Cable Wrap: No
Stoved Epoxy Finish: Yes
All Steel Construction: Yes

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