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Blog: Dehumidifiers for Bedrooms

Dehumidifiers for Bedrooms
24 May 2022

Dehumidifiers for Bedrooms

Create a peaceful, healthy environment by controlling your climate

In the winter months, mould and condensation can become a big problem in homes. But compact, quiet dehumidifying solutions make this an issue of the past. Read on to find out how to pick the best dehumidifier for your bedroom. 

Why do I need a bedroom dehumidifier? 

Poor ventilation in the home can lead to condensation and mould build-up. As well as causing damage to the interior of the house, mould can cause respiratory health problems. 

As a result of the climate in the UK, condensation filled windows are a common problem. This problem is increased in homes with single-glazed windows because the thermal insulation abilities are much lower. 

Condensation is a particular problem in the bedroom. This is because we release moisture into the air from our breath and body heat as we sleep. This warm excess moisture condenses onto cold surfaces, such as windows. A build-up of this makes the ideal conditions for mould and mildew build-up. 

How can dehumidifiers help?

A dehumidifier matches up to its name. A dehumidifier can come in handy to regulate humidity levels in a room by extracting moisture from the air. 

It uses an interior fan to collect air. The air comes into contact with the dehumidifier's cooling coils. The collected moisture remains on the coils and drips into a water tank contained within the unit. 

The dehumidifier reheats the air and blows it freshly back into the room. A dehumidifier water tank is usually detachable, so the water collected can be emptied. It fills slowly, so you needn't worry about it overflowing, with many dehumidifiers coming with an automatic switch-off.

How can I tell if I need a bedroom dehumidifier?

You can examine your home to find out if you need a dehumidifier. 

Look out for: 

  • Wet stains on your wall and ceilings.
  • Weakened structures.
  • Mould.
  • Peeling wallpaper.
  • Musty smells.
  • Condensation on the edge of your windows, especially in the morning. 

How will a dehumidifier help my bedroom? 

The bedroom should be the most comfortable room in the house. Stop the musty smells and damp windows by choosing a dehumidifier as they can: 

Prevents mould growing: Mould and bacteria thrive in damp conditions. The most prolific mould in homes grows around window and wall sealants.

Improve air quality: Dehumidifiers for the home can come with a range of internal air filters. As it cools the humid, collected air, it passes it through a filter and then releases it back into the room. 

These filters can kill mould spores and bacteria, irritating the lungs. For people with asthma, a filter also catches small dust particles from the air, absorbing musty conditions. 

Warm the air: The cleaner air released is dry but warm. This can keep a comfortable temperature in the room without the related stuffiness that humidity brings. 

Removes and prevents condensation:  A build-up of condensation can lead to mould build-up, which, as well as being bad for your health, can be tricky to remove once it has begun. 

Mould thrives in damp conditions. As the air is cooler at night, it cannot retain as much moisture, so it settles on cold surfaces such as windows. 

Whilst preventing the conditions for condensation from settling in, a dehumidifier expels warm air, which levels the room back to its ambient humidity level. 

How to pick a dehumidifier for your bedroom

For a long time, Dehumidifiers were seen as big hulking machinery, consuming lots of energy and making too much noise for a bedroom! 

New technology has dehumidifiers that are discreet and perfect for a domestic setting. 

Below are some factors to consider when choosing the right dehumidifier for your bedroom: 

Noise level: An important factor for the bedroom, especially if you're a light sleeper! While your dehumidifier should be sufficient to deal with your condensation problem, the noise shouldn't disturb you. 

Additional features are desirable but should not be a deal-breaker for your comfort.

Budget: If you have more than one bedroom that needs a dehumidifier, budgeting appropriately for the suitable model is essential. There are many affordable and cost-effective units on the market; which work well and do not cost the earth! 

As a multifunctional unit, the dehumidifier has relatively cost-effective energy consumption. 

Size: If your bedroom is style-conscious, if you have a small bedroom, dehumidifiers can come in small sizes and still do the most efficient job as the larger units. 

You needn't sacrifice the cosy look of your bedroom for a looking industrial unit when dehumidifiers can look stylish and slick. 

Additional Features of Bedroom Dehumidifiers

As mentioned, Dehumidifiers do not just do one job. As well as reducing humidity levels, they can come with additional features for better home comfort. 

Laundry mode: This function is good if you need to dry your clothes indoors. Drying laundry indoors leads to vast amounts of water vapour in the air, increasing the likelihood of condensation and mould build-up. 

Control logic: This is a sophisticated addition to the average Domestic dehumidifying unit. By measuring humidity levels, it can automatically switch on and adjust depending on how humid the air is without deciding!

Timer: Many dehumidifiers come with a timer setting. You can set this to when you want your dehumidifier to be on and off. Most allow you to set this time from 1-4 hours of operation a day, often up to 12 hours. 

Some dehumidifiers also contain an internal hygrometer, which monitors the ambient humidity in the room. If the humidity levels become too high, to control system adjusts its setting to combat the humidity. 


Dehumidifiers can have a low running cost, depending on the model and capacity. For example, many domestic dehumidifying models can be as low as 4p a day. This cost is relatively low when considering the damage cost of persistent mould and condensation in the bedroom. 

Choosing a dehumidifier for your bedroom is different from the rest of your house. Consider cost, power, the extent of the problem, and the noise level. However, with the newest models being discreet and small units, this will be a quiet, transformative addition to your bedroom.




  1. Ecor Pro DH800
  2. Ecor Pro DH1200
  3. Ebac CD35
  4. Woods MDK11
  5. Delonghi DEX212F
  6. Delonghi DEX214F
  7. Delonghi DEX216F
  8. Igenix IG9821
  9. Master DH720
  10. Woods MDK26


Any of these would make an excellent dryer for your bedroom, or another room. But, if you can't see anything that suits your needs, we have a huge range of more brands and models within our full dehumidifier category.

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