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  • JS Pump JS400 Submersible Drainage Pump

JS Pump JS400 Submersible Drainage Pump 240L/Min

SKU Flow Rate Volt Price Qty
JS400240A 240L/Min 110v £294.00
JS400110A 240L/Min 240v £294.00
SKU Price Qty
JS400240A £294.00
Flow Rate 240L/Min
Volt 110v
JS400110A £294.00
Flow Rate 240L/Min
Volt 240v
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1 Year Warranty


Powerful Pumping: These pumps produce a flow rate of 240 litres per minute. Each has a capacity of 400 Watts or 1364BTU. 240-volt and 110-volt options are each available for purchase.

Compact: These pumps offer lightweight proportions and are only 15kg.

Automatic Float Switch: These devices come equipped with an automatic float switch that stops and starts the operation of the pump depending on the water levels.

Dirty & Clean: These units have been crafted for use in clean water but can also process dirty water infested with a maximum of 6mm solids.

Automatic Motor: The automatic motor will switch off based on water levels. If the water level is high the float switch will activate the motor. Once the switch lowers the motor will shut off. 


JS Pump JS400 Submersible Drainage Pump

Automatic Water Recirculation Solution

These JS400 JS Pump come available in voltages of either 110-volt or 240-volt. Each of these pumps produces a maximum flow rate of 240 litres of water recirculation per minute. Both devices come with a 400-watt capacity motor that can be shut on or off automatically. These units come with an automatic float switch that shuts the pump off depending on water levels. When the water levels are higher the switch is raised up by the rising water which turns the motor on. When water levels lower the switch lowers with it shutting the motor off. These pumps have been designed for use in clean water but can also be used in dirty water filled with refuse of up to 3mm in diameter. These lightweight pumps also come with an attached carry handle for ease of movement.

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Voltage: 240 Volt or 110 Volt
Suction Type: Submersible
Outlet Diameter: 50mm 2 Inches
Outlet Direction: Side Vertical Discharge
Max Flow Rate: 240 Litre Per Minute
Material Intake: Clean & Dirty Water
Motor: 400 Watts
Cut Off Switch: Automatic Float Switch
Plug: 13 Amp or 16 Amp
Max Life Height: 12 Meters
Power Cable Length: 12 Meters
Power Cable Type: H07RNF
Motor Thermal Protection: Yes
Lift & Lowering Rope: No
Handle: Included
Max Diameter Solids: 6.0mm
Weight: 15kg

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