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  • DQ Heating Vulcano Towel Radiator - White

DQ Heating Vulcano Towel Radiator - White

SKU BTU Dimensions Watt Price Qty
VUT60/70-W 1484BTU (H) 720mm x (W) 586mm 720 Watt £333.40
VUT60/120-W 2416BTU (H) 1160mm x (W) 586mm 1160 Watt £419.83
VUT60/140-W 2784BTU (H) 1440mm x (W) 586mm 1440 Watt £481.57
VUT60/170-W 3252BTU (H) 1720mm x (W) 586mm 1720 Watt £654.44
SKU Price Qty
VUT60/70-W £333.40
Dimensions (H) 720mm x (W) 586mm
Watt 720 Watt
VUT60/120-W £419.83
Dimensions (H) 1160mm x (W) 586mm
Watt 1160 Watt
VUT60/140-W £481.57
Dimensions (H) 1440mm x (W) 586mm
Watt 1440 Watt
VUT60/170-W £654.44
Dimensions (H) 1720mm x (W) 586mm
Watt 1720 Watt
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5 Year Warranty


Multiple Heat Outputs: With four different heat outputs on offer ranging from 435w, 708w, 816w, and 953w this series is sure to come with a unit suited to your heating needs.

White Finish: These radiators come with a striking white finish perfect for any bathroom decor.

Safety Tested: This heater series has been safety tested to 6 bar pressure with a max operating pressure of 4 bars. Each radiator has been awarded a WN 442 safety rating.

Mild Steel: Each radiator has been built using the finest mild steel available. Each unit is robust and will provide many years of operation.

Low Water Content: These heaters are low water content. What this means is they will heat up faster than conventional heaters and other non-low water content radiators.

Five-Year Warranty: This entire range boasts a five-year warranty as standard ensuring your unit will be protected for years to come.


DQ Heating Vulcano Towel Rail White Radiator

A Sublime Source of Warmth For Any Bathroom

This striking range provides an excellent variety of wall-mounted radiators fit for any space. The Vulcano Towel Rail collection has been designed to offer an efficient source of warmth with large some storage functions. Install on walls in a range of bathrooms the heater's sublime white finish makes it a great addition to any decor. The collection comes in four separate dimensions ranging from 720mm to 1720mm in height. So, no matter the size of the space a model fit for purpose is just a click away.

Each radiator has been built from the finest mild steel on offer. Each has been crafted to last years with each offering a strong construct and long functional life. The range comes with a five-year guarantee on each heater guaranteeing that your model will be safe for half a decade. This collection of heaters are low water content units. This means that each provides a far quicker heat-up time than many offer radiators and panel heaters on the market. Each heater has been safety tested to six bar pressure and operated at a max of four bar pressure. Every model in the range comes with an EN442 safety rating. The collection consists of four separate heat outputs from 435w to 953w and offers a ninty degree Celsius max working temperature.

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Model: VUT60/70-W (435 Watt)
Finish: White
Height (mm): 720
Width (mm): 586
Watts Δt 50°C: 435
Btu's Δt 50°C: 1484
Weight (kgs): 11
Pipe Centres (mm): 550
Wall to Face (mm): 105
Wall to Pipe Centre (mm): 70

Model: VUT60/120-W (708 Watt)
Finish: White
Height (mm): 1160
Width (mm): 586
Watts Δt 50°C: 708
Btu's Δt 50°C: 2416
Weight (kgs): 18
Pipe Centres (mm): 550
Wall to Face (mm): 105
Wall to Pipe Centre (mm): 70

Model: VUT60/140-W (816 Watt)
Finish: White
Height (mm): 1440
Width (mm): 586
Watts Δt 50°C: 816
Btu's Δt 50°C: 2784
Weight (kgs): 21
Pipe Centres (mm): 550
Wall to Face (mm): 105
Wall to Pipe Centre (mm): 70

Model: VUT60/170-W (953 Watt)
Finish: White
Height (mm): 1720
Width (mm): 586
Watts Δt 50°C: 953
Btu's Δt 50°C: 3252
Weight (kgs): 24
Pipe Centres (mm): 550
Wall to Face (mm): 105
Wall to Pipe Centre (mm): 70

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