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  • Cemo DT-Mobile Easy Refuelling Tanks

Cemo DT-Mobile Easy Refuelling Tanks 210L & 440L

  • Compact Diesel Refuelling Tanks
  • Made From Robust Polyethylene
  • 210L & 440L Sizes Available
  • Choice Of Pumps Available
  • Optional Flow Meter Available
  • Suitable For Transport Under ADR Exemption (ADR C)
  • Perfect For Reuelling Diesel Heaters & Equipment On Site
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Robust Polyethylene Construction: Tough & hard wearing fuel tanks. Keep fuel safe on site and during transport. Does not rust or break down.

210L & 440L Available: Two size options available, to suit your own requirements.

Filler Cap With Integrated Venting System: Allows fuel to be taken out continuously without the tank needing to be opened.

Suitable For Transport: This tank is suitable for use under the ADR Exemption (ADR C). This means it can be driven in a car or pickup truck to your site in order to fuel equipment and machinery.

Choice Of Pump Options: Choice of fuel delivery pump options available to suit your requirements - 12v pump with fly leads or 12V CENTRI SP30 Pump with fly leads. All options ensure safe and efficient fuel delivery.

Integrated Nozzle & Hose Holder: Keeps everything fitted in place within the profile of the tank, to prevent trip hazards and keep everything tidy.

Integrated Forklift Pockets & Recesses: Allow the tanks to be lifted on and off transport easily. Recesses allow the tanks to be strapped down during transport.


Cemo DT-Mobile Easy Diesel Refuelling Tanks

Convenient fuel containers

Cemo DT-Mobile Easy are high quality, robust and convenient fuel dispensing tanks for refuelling a range of heaters, tools and machinery in the workshop or on-site. These practical and reliable fuel tanks are available in 210L or 440L sizes, and they provide a safe and easy solution for storing extra fuel and refuelling equipment without having to stop and travel to the main fuel source. They can hold fuel, and they have a convenient fuel delivery pump which allows you to refuel equipment and machinery without any mess or waste.

Suitable For Transport

Refuel space heaters, generators, tools & plant with ease

Cemo mobile refuelling tanks can be used for refilling the fuel tanks of all kinds of heaters, equipment and machinery in the workplace and on-site. They are suitable for transport according to the ADR exemption (ADR C). This means they can be driven to site to refuel equipment and machinery and keep projects running - preventing costly downtime. They provide a great way of keeping diesel fired space heaters running continuously throughout the cold winter months. These fuel tanks can be a huge help whether you are a builder, farmer, or landscape gardener looking for a way of keeping your tools and equipment fuelled on the job. They are also ideal if you work in a workshop, factory, warehouse, or yard and you need to keep your diesel space heater topped up.

Quality Mobile Fuel Tanks

Robust intermediate bulk containers

Cemo is a reputable company known for producing high quality, cost-effective products for the storage, transportation and delivery of fuel. The 210L and 440L DT Mobile Easy refuelling tanks are consistent with these values. They come with a range of features included which offer safe and reliable fuel delivery under the latest regulations. They feature an integral filling nozzle so that you can pour in the fuel without any spillage. This is ideal for health and safety purposes as well as reducing fuel wastage. They have a dispensing nozzle holder and a vent with pressure relief. They also offer ease of use, practicality, and safety during storage and transport. They are tough and robust polyethylene fuel containers that have integrated forklift pockets and handles for safe and convenient lifting. They also have integral recesses that allow for lashings to be placed over and around the containers for secure ratchet tie-downs.

Customisable Refuelling IBCs

Choice of sizes & pump options available

Cemo DT Mobile Easy refuelling tanks can be configured to your requirements to give you the best option for your needs and your budget. These mobile fuel containers are available either in 210L or 440L capacities with or without a hinged lid and with a choice of different dispensing pump options:

12V CENTRI SP30 Pump - an extremely quiet submersible fuel pump delivering 30L of fuel per minute. It comes with fly leads with crocodile clips and a 4m electrical cable to connect to an external power source, delivery hose DN 19 and automatic nozzle.

12V Pump - a self-priming pump delivering 40L of fuel per minute. It comes with fly leads with crocodile clips and a 4m electrical cable to connect to an external power source, 4m filling hose DN 19 and automatic nozzle.

We also have an optional Digital Flow Meter (K24) available for the electric pump versions of these Cemo fuel trolleys (not the manual crank pump version). The flow meter is designed to be fitted between the filling hose and the automatic nozzle and it provides a readout of the amount of fuel dispensed. You can select which Cemo diesel fuel trolley size and which fuel pump option you require using the drop-down menu above. You can also add the K24 Digital Flow Meter to your order using the tick box above.

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210L Cemo DT-Mobile Easy Refuelling Tank - Dimensions (L x W x H): 78.5 x 59.5 x 68.5mm. Weight: 19kg
440L Cemo DT-Mobile Easy Refuelling Tank - Dimensions (L x W x H): 118 x 80 x 71mm. Weight: 35kg

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