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  • Arcotherm EC85 Silver Marquee Package (Low-Level Diffuser)
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Arcotherm EC85 Silver Marquee Package (Low-Level Diffuser)

  • 2 x 3m Flexible Ducting
  • Two-Way Splitter
  • 1m Flue Pipe
  • Rain Cowl
  • 2 x Low Level Ducting Diffusers
  • Thermostat with 10m Cable
  • Ideal For Heating Large Marquees
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Arcotherm EC85 Indirect Heater Accessory Bundle

Everything you need to heat large marquees & tents

This bundle offers all the accessories you need to heat large marquees and tents with your Arcotherm EC85 indirect space heater.

The bundle includes 2 x 3m flexible ducting, two-way splitter, 2 x low level diffusers, 1m flue pipe, rain cowl and thermostat with 10m cable.

These accessories allow you to set up your Arcotherm EC85 heater outside the space you wish to heat. The two-way splitter is fixed on to the heater's warm air outlet and allows the two separate lengths of ducting to be attached to the heater. The clean warm air can be ducted into two separate spaces, or two areas in the same space to heat larger areas effectively. The low level diffusers are longer length diffusers which slide under the sides of a marquee and vent the warm air into the space over a longer area. This provides more efficient distribution of the warm air.

Exhaust fumes are expelled safely out of the flue. The heater can be controlled using the thermostat. You can set a required temperature and the heater will switch itself on and off as required to maintain the set temperature level, adding convenience and saving money on running costs. This method of heating is ideal for a range of indoor, enclosed and poorly ventilated spaces – including construction sites, workshops, warehouses, garages, halls, marquees, events and more.

You can optionally include a heater rain cover and heater service kit with your accessory bundle. The rain cover offers protection for your heater when in storage or when not in use. The cover can also be used on the heater while it is in operation to ensure it is shielded from downfall. The service kit supplies you with parts to be replaced during an annual heater service - including a fuel filter, nozzle and electrodes - to keep your heater in top working order for years to come.

What's In The Box

2 x 3m Flexible Ducting
Two-Way Splitter
2 x Low Level Ducting Diffusers
1m Flue Pipe
Rain Cowl
Thermostat with 10m Cable

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