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Sealey Propane Gas Heaters

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Sealey Space Warmer Propane Gas Heaters

Quick & cost-effective portable heaters for construction, agriculture & industry

The Sealey range of propane gas space heaters provides cost-effective temporary heating for well-ventilated industrial spaces such as workshops, garages, warehouses, construction sites, yards and more.

Sealey Space Warmer industrial propane heaters come in a wide range of sizes and types, from fan heaters such as the Sealey LP401 117kW industrial propane heater, to compact site heaters such as the Sealey LPH35, which requires no electricity supply.

These portable LPG space heaters come with a propane regulator and hose included, so they can be connected to a propane gas bottle quickly and easily. They offer fast and cheap heating, easy ignition and great safety cut out features.

Please note: Sealey propane heaters are direct fired space heaters - they must only be used in outdoor / well-ventilated spaces. They must not be used in enclosed indoor spaces.