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Prem-I-Air Fans

Prem-I-Air Fans

Keep cool & comfortable thanks to powerful airflow during hot summer months

National Heater Shops has handpicked the best portable cooling fans from leading environmental control and air treatment company Prem-I-Air.

From circulator fans with chrome finish to wall fans with remote controls and stand fans to drum fans, we have one of the best collections of portable cooling and ventilation fans suitable for all budget types and applications.

These fans can be used on their own to provide a comfortable and cooling source of airflow on warm days. They can also be used in conjunction with an air conditioning system to improve airflow and increase the efficiency of the system.

Our selection of cooling fans includes sleek and stylish models for home use or commercial use in offices, restaurants and bars, as well as heavy duty industrial cooling fans for workshops, warehouses, garages and factories.

Starting with the Prem-I-Air 18” High Velocity Air Circulator Fan in Chrome 230v, which boast three fan speeds and a max airflow of 9,360 m³/h, our range of chrome fans features many great options all the way down to the Prem-I-Air 14” Air Circulator Fan with Chrome Finish 230v.

If you are in need of a wall-mounted fan with remote control then look no further than the Prem-I-Air 18” Wall Fan With Remote Control & Timer, which features an adjustable fan head angle to ensure that the cool air really hits the spot. The base is easily fixed to the wall, keeping floors and desktops clear.

One of the best pedestal fans from Prem-I-Air is the Prem-I-Air 20” High Velocity Stand Fan with 360° Head. At a height of up to 1.3m, this freestanding floor fan has a high-speed motor for maximum air circulation of 11,012 m³/h.

Drum fans are ideal for cooling or drying large venues, such as workshops, warehouses, construction sites and more. Choose from either the Prem-I-Air 36” Portable Drum Fan 230v, Prem-I-Air 30” Portable Drum Fan 230v or Prem-I-Air 24” Portable Drum Fan 230v.