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Hyundai Power Products

Hyundai industrial space heaters

Hyundai Power Products provide quality domestic and industrial equipment and machinery to the UK market. Hyundai Corporation, Korea, has been importing its quality range over to these shores since 2016. The range includes generators, pressure washers, water pumps, air compressors, hedge trimmers, grass trimmers, power tools, and more. National Heater Shops is proud to become a Hyundai industrial space heaters supplier.

Hyundai space heaters are robust and reliable. The direct forced air range includes the HY70DKH, HY125DKH, and HY215DKU models. These adaptable units run on white or red diesel and kerosene and offer excellent fuel consumption rates to keep costs low. Although direct-fired heaters must be used outdoors and in well-ventilated, semi-outdoor spaces, they can warm areas up quickly and efficiently.

These space warmers are highly portable and robust. They are easy to transport and place where needed, and they are built to withstand demanding environments. You can use these Hyundai appliances to maintain comfortable conditions and keep employees warm in any weather. They are perfect for industrial spaces, like garages, farms, factories, warehouses, and workshops.