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Boneco Fans

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Boneco Fans

Stylish, contemporary & effective air shower cooling fans

Boneco is a Swiss company that designs and engineers a range of stylish and efficient climate control products for domestic and commercial use. Boneco air shower fans are high quality, beautifully-designed and effective cooling fans. They are built to provide superior airflow in order to cool areas effectively at home and in commercial spaces such as offices, restaurants, hotels and more.

We have Boneco fans available in a range of different sizes - from the Boneco F230 floor standing fan, to the F120 pedestal fan and the F100 desk fan. They are all designed to move greater volumes of air at faster speeds, in order to create a powerful stream of air that cools areas effectively, disperses hot spots and keeps spaces comfortable.

The superior air circulation offered by Boneco fans is due to their high quality Swiss design and engineering. Their single arm design not only looks contemporary and stylish, but also allows for maximum air intake. The deep pitch fan blades draw large amounts of air through the fan and the uniquely curved shape of the front grid boosts the speed of the outlet air. The fan head on Boneco fans can be rotated 270 degrees, allowing it to be pointed in the most effective direction for your needs. Boneco fans can be pointed towards the ceiling, for the signature air shower feeling and to cirulate air effectively to reduce hot and cold spots within a room. These fans can also be used to direct air between multiple floors, to pull fresh air indoors, or they can be used in conjunction with an air conditioner or heater to improve airflow and achieve a uniform temperature within the room.

Boneco fans have a stylish, minimalist and contemporary design, so they fit in well in homes, as well as in commercial spaces such as offices, shops, restaurants, bars, hotels and much more. You can order a Boneco air shower cooling fan online using our website or you can over the phone with our sales team.