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Arcotherm Fire Diesel Infrared Heaters

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Arcotherm Fire Infrared Heaters

Effective diesel fired radiant space heaters

Arcotherm Fire diesel infrared radiant heaters are high quality space heaters that combine the benefits of infrared heating with the power offered by a diesel fired industrial space heater. These tough and robust heaters are designed for use in outdoor, well ventilated areas such as construction sites, yards, garages, depots and much more. They help to keep workers warm whilst working outside, and they can be used for drying applications too. These heaters are manufactured using durable components and they feature a tough metal outer casing to withstand the knocks and bumps often experienced on site. As they are infrared heaters, Arcotherm Fire space heaters do not produce any movement of air. They heat people, surfaces and objects via infrared radiant technology, so they are perfect for use on dusty, dirty and challenging sites where a traditional fan heater could cause an issue with blowing dust and dirt around.