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Air Conditioning Centre

Brand Overview & History

Air Conditioning Centre are conscious of the conflict between the cost of living and climate change, their mission is to create accessible and affordable air conditioners in the face of global warming.

Featuring first-class components from renowned manufacturers like Panasonic and Hitachi, Air Conditioning Centre aims to create a comfortable climate in your home with world-class systems.

Product Portfolio

Air Conditioning Centre ensure their air conditioners are easily accessible, by offering an easy install, out-of-the-box plug-in and play solution. This is a cost-effective alternative to requiring professional installation, though this is still optional.

These exclusive high-end products guarantee longevity and unrivalled reliability. All air conditioners feature real time multi-colour LED information displays, indicating temperature, fan speed, mode and more.

Thanks to their planet-friendly environmental policy, Air Conditioning Centre handpick all raw materials with recyclability in mind. The company is invested in the progression of air conditioning systems. Their climate-conscious technological advancements are continuously employed in all air care systems for a happy and healthy planet.

Why Buy Air Conditioning Centre Systems From Us?

National Heater Shops are trusted UK suppliers of the world’s top brands. We take pride in providing premium heating, ventilation and air conditioning solutions for our great customers. Our philosophy is to make comfort affordable. We hand-pick the highest quality products and provide them for the lowest prices from market-leading manufacturers. Our team of experts are only a call away, ready to answer any queries and guarantee complete customer satisfaction.

We are official Aerial Conditioning Centre suppliers. Explore the full range of models available on our website. Order online or over the phone with our friendly sales team today.

Since 2004, Air Conditioning Centre have been supplying efficient, reliable and user-friendly air con units to thousands of homes across the UK.