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Arcotherm EC55 Adaptors

  • Arcotherm EC55 Adaptors

We stock steel adaptors (or splitters) that are specially designed and crafted for use with the Arcotherm EC 55 Indirect Oil Fired Heater, it simply attaches to the heater and distributes the heat via two 500mm outlets. Ducting can then be placed over each outlet, allowing the operator to redirect heat to more locations, both improving efficiency and reducing the need for multiple heaters running at once.

We also stock recirculation adaptors that are suitable for Arcotherm EC 55 Indirect Oil Fired heaters, which allows air to be effectively circulated for maximum heating efficiency and distribution. These accessories also come with a 1-year manufacturers warranty as standard. For more information on these accessories or any other in our range, contact our sales team today.

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Latest Reviews

Splitter adaptor

Thanks for the quick delivery, it was packaged well too,
The review is good, easy to connect to the heater, allows two length of ducting to be used instead of one, I've done 2 x 3m with 2 x diffusers
so im now able to heat the venue from both sides, no loss of power either, literally like have two heaters for a fraction of the cost!

Mr Ault

re-circulation kit

goods were delivered a day earlier than expected but the courier came back the day after so all was okay in the end
purchased to make the heater more efficient, its impressed the environmental department and give us a greener footprint

Delroy Munro

Another happy customer!

incredibly pleased with how soon this arrived and how well it works, what an investment