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Arcotherm Confort 1G Cabinet Heater - Diesel Oil 30kW

  • Arcotherm Confort 1G Cabinet Heater - Diesel Oil


The Arcotherm Confort 1G is a high quality diesel oil cabinet heater, ideal for providing instant heating to all kinds of environments, including showrooms, halls, sport & leisure facilities, warehouses and workshops.

The Arcotherm Confort range of diesel cabinet heaters are manufactured to an extremely high quality, with a double-skinned body for thermo-acoustic insulation and safe low surface temperature; as well as a stainless steel combustion chamber and high efficiency heat exchanger. If any anomaly is detected in the system, the heater's control device will automatically shut the heater off instantly. All of this helps to ensure unparalleled heating performance, reliability and safety.

The Confort 1G cabinet heater has a 30kw heating output and it features a 65 litre tank, electronic flame control, built-in room thermostat and a centrifugal fan with an air outlet and adjustable louvres. The hot air produced by the Confort 1G cabinet heater is absolutely clean, as the exhaust fumes are removed from the heated premises via an exhaust pipe.

The Arcotherm Confort 1G heater is also designed for excellent ease of use. Arcotherm Confort 1G cabinet heaters require very little maintenance, and they are manufactured with an in-built burner, tank and thermostat; so they can be set up quickly to provide immediate heat, without the need to install a costly fixed heating system.


Heating Capacity = 30kW / 100,000 BTUs
Weight = 151Kg
Dimensions = 1965mm x 510mm x 915mm
Airflow = 2400m³ / hr
Fuel Consumption = 2.9 Litres / Hr
Tank Capacity = 65 Litres
Thermal Efficiency = 87%

Confort 1G

We used to have an indirect heater in the yard and use ducting to vent the air into the building, but that was stolen. Having a cabinet heater inside the building made a lot more sense from a security point of view and the fumes are vented out of the heater through the wall. It's easy to top up the fuel and runs reasonably quietly even when working close to it.


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