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Consort Recessed RX Ceiling Fan 3kW - 6kW

  • Consort Recessed RX Ceiling Fan
  • 3kW - 6kW
  • 10236BTU/hr - 20472BTU/hr
  • Fan Only Setting 
  • Comes With LED Indicator Light
  • Fits 600mm Modular Suspended Ceilings
  • Improved Energy Efficiency
  • Fits 210mm Shallow Recess
  • Automatic Safety Cut-Out
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£348.00 (inc VAT)

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Capacity: These units offer a heat output capacity of either 3kW, 4.5kW, or 6kW.

Control: RX units come with fan-only settings for air circulation.

Installation: Fits standard 600mm modular suspended ceiling system and will fit shallow 210mm recess.

Robust: Each has a sealed heater box for improved energy efficiency, is lightweight for easy installation, provides quiet operation, comes with a LED indicator light, and is complete with a white aluminum diffuser.

Safety: All units in this range have an automatic safety cut-out to protect them in the event of overheating.


Consort Recessed RX Ceiling Fan Heater

Sleek, Temperature Heating Device

The recessed RX ceiling heating series is a sleek device that should be installed in a suspended 600mm ceiling panel. Each can be used for heating office or retail spaces. These heaters come available in capacities of 3kW, 4.5kW, or 6kW. These machines come in SL and RX varieties this being the RX, the SL is also available on our site. All RX heaters come with a fan only a setting for air circulation.

These heaters can be installed in ceiling cavities of 600mm and will fit into ceiling shallows of 210mm. The positioning of these heating units comes with energy efficiency benefits. Rising warm air is pushed back down and recirculated around the room. This ensures temperatures can be maintained with little need of central heating systems saving both energy usage and the costs that come with it.

All devices come with a sealed heater box for further increased energy efficiency. Each is lightweight and easy to install. These heating devices produce low levels of noise whilst in use. All also come with LED indicator lights and a white aluminium diffuser. All the devices in this range also have a built-in safety cut-off in the vent of overheating.


Model: HE7230RX
kW: 3
Optimum Ceiling Height (m): 3
Weight (kg): 7.5
dBA: 37

Model: HE7245RX
kW: 4.5
Optimum Ceiling: Height (m): 3.3
Weight (kg): 7.5
dBA: 38

Model: HE7260RX
kW: 6
Optimum Ceiling Height (m): 3.6
Weight (kg): 10.5
dBA: 40

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