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Wall Mounted Dehumidifiers

We have a wide range of the best wall mounted dehumidifiers for sale from trusted brands like Ebac, Calorex, Aerial, Ecor Pro and Fral. A wall mounted dehumidifier offers a discreet, integrated and effective way to reduce the moisture in the air while saving floor space.

Wall Mounted Dehumidifiers

Convenient & effective dehumidifier units

National Heater Shops has an excellent range of wall mounted dehumidifier models available to order online or by phone from well-respected manufacturers like Ebac, Calorex, Aerial, Ecor Pro and Fral. Wall mounted dehumidifiers save on floor space while offering a discreet, integrated and effective way to reduce the moisture in the air within a space. They are designed to be installed quickly and easily while remaining as a permanent fixture in areas that suffer from high levels of humidity and moisture.

As they are not portable, a specific size dehumidifier can be installed to match the area to ensure the maximum efficiency and best results. The extracted water is removed from the system via a dedicated drainage system or via the water mains. This allows the dehumidifier can run continuously without needing to be stopped and emptied. Damp parts of the home like basements and attics, plus warehouses, libraries, museums, galleries, churches, storage rooms and more can all benefit from the use of a wall mount dehumidifier.

Need help deciding on a wall mounted dehumidifier? You can order online or over the phone with our sales team. Enquire online via live chat or over the phone with our sales team for more information or advice.

Ebac Wall Mounted Dehumidifiers: Boasting a Bluetooth smartphone interface, datalogging, high lift condensate pump and a reverse cycle defrost with electronic control, it is safe to say the EBAC K100E Smart Commercial Refrigerant Dehumidifier is packed with features while being capable of removing up to 36-litres per day.

Calorex Wall Mounted Dehumidifiers: Designed for controlling the humidity in public areas such as warehouses, leisure centres, cellars, modular buildings and more, the Calorex DH 60 Wall Mounted Refrigerant Dehumidifier can remove up to 60-litres per day.

Aerial Wall Mounted Dehumidifiers: Great moisture extraction performance for managing humidity in a range of challenging commercial and industrial spaces such as car garages, waterworks, cellars, storage rooms, archiving rooms, museums, spas and more, the Aerial AD110 Wall Mounted Refrigerant Dehumidifier removes up to 15-litres per day.

Ecor Pro Wall Mounted Dehumidifiers: With the ability to remove up to 91-litres per day, the Ecor Pro D1100 Compressor Dehumidifier is ideal for restaurants, spas, gyms and more.

Fral Wall Mounted Dehumidifiers: Mainly used in swimming pool areas due to its excellent resistance to chlorine corrosion and ability to remove up to 82-litres in just 24 hours, the Fral FSW96 Fixed Dehumidifier is also suitable for special environments like libraries and offices.