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Blog: Best Boat Dehumidifier - Ecor Pro DryBoat 12

Best Boat Dehumidifier
24 Jul 2020

The specialist yachting magazine, Yachting World, has selected the Ecor Pro DryBoat 12 desiccant dehumidifier as the best boat dehumidifier! This is no surprise to the team at National Heater Shops. As official suppliers of Ecor Pro dehumidifiers, we are well aware of just how well made and effective Ecor Pro DryBoat INOX boat dehumidifiers are.

In their article, 'Best Boat Dehumidifiers', Yachting World state that "dehumidifiers are an essential investment to help protect the interior of a yacht over the winter months". The respected sailing magazine has been publishing articles, news, and reviews since 1894 and its writers are passionate about all aspects of sailing. In their review, they singled out the Ecor Pro DryBoat 12 desiccant dehumidifier as their number one choice.

After extensive trials, they state that the Ecor Pro DryBoat 12 "delivered exceptional results all summer in tough environments such as Spitsbergen and Norway", and that, "It is rare that we rate something this highly but the DryBoat 12 has proven to be a superb marine dehumidifier". Yachting World outline how the 12 litre capacity, commercial grade construction and wet air exhaust outlet set it apart from the competition.

Dehumidifiers are an essential investment to help protect the interior of a boat, yacht or ship over the winter months. They are also vital for drying out sails, ropes, equipment, and clothes after they have been drenched in saltwater. However, It is important to use a specialist boat dehumidifier, that is designed and built to perform in challenging conditions, in low temperatures, and is resistant to corrosion caused by salt water. Most domestic and many commercial grade dehumidifiers are simply not up to the task.

The Ecor Pro range of boat dehumidifiers has a range of features and benefits that make them the perfect choice for keeping boats dry:

  • High Build Quality - Ecor Pro INOX DryBoat dehumidifiers are constructed from 316 marine grade stainless steel - resistant to corrosion from salt water and other chemicals. The internal components are heat treated for durability and longevity.
  • Compact Size - Ecor Pro DryBoat dehumidifiers can be installed in very small spaces on board, and ducting can be used to draw air in from a range of different spaces on board, including cabin areas, engine rooms and holds & sail lockers.
  • Excellent Operating Temperature Range - These desiccant dehumidifiers are capable of working at very low temperatures - well below 0 degrees - from -20℃ to +40℃. They can operate effectively in conditions where a standard refrigerant dehumidifier would not be able to perform.
  • No Internal Water Tank - Unlike traditional dehumidifiers, Ecor Pro desiccant dehumidifiers do not have an internal water collection tank. They draw damp air in using a fan, and remove moisture from the air using Zeolite dessicant. The moisture is exhausted as water vapour via ducting, which can be fed outside through a vent. This means that these dehumidifiers can be left to run 24/7 - as there is no need to continuously empty a tank. It also means that there will be no issues with leaks and floods when the boat pitches or rolls.
  • 220v & 110v Available - Ecor Pro DryBoat dehumidifiers are available in both 220v and 110v versions, and the 50Hz supply can be run off a 12v DC-220v AC converter or 110v to 220v transformers.
  • Humidistat Control - Ecor Pro DH1200 and DH800 dehumidifiers have their own internal humidistat. They can also be used with a remote humidistat, available as an optional accessory. A humidistat allows you to set a required humidity level in the space that you want to dry out, and it will switch the DryBoat dehumidifier on and off automatically, as required, in order to maintain the desired humidity level. This adds extra convenience, as it means you do not need to continually switch the dehumidifier on and off yourself. It also saves energy and money!
  • Long Service Life - Ecor Pro dehumidifiers are professional pieces of equipment, built to last. They are designed to provide years of reliable service. They are very easy to maintain and service when required. The easy to access design keeps service costs low, and maintenance has been made simple with common duct sizes to give more options.

You can view the full range of Ecor Pro DryBoat INOX boat dehumidifiers on our website. Enquire with our sales team via online live chat or telephone for more information and advice.

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