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Which Space Heater Do I Need?

Space heaters are devices which use energy or fuel to produce heat. The heat produced is circulated either by an in-built fan or via infra-red technology. Space heaters are used for providing an increased heat source in specific areas, such as offices, shops, classrooms, halls, warehouses, marquees and many more!

The ideal space heater for your needs is defined by the type of space which requires heating, and the size of the space. As most space heaters are portable and easy to use, they are a quick and convenient way of heating in many situations. This makes them very popular emergency heating solutions.

Electric Heaters

Electric heaters are the most commonly used space heaters. This is mainly due to their ease of use and the fact that most electric heaters are very portable.

Electric space heaters are ideal for fast, clean heat. Most come with thermostatic control or different heat settings. The heat produced by electric heaters is completely clean, making them the ideal heating solution for offices, classrooms, garages etc.

Our electric heaters, from the Arcotherm EK range, are simple to use and very portable. The simple plug-in and use design of these heaters makes them ideal for emergency heating needs within offices, shops, halls and more.

LPG Gas Heaters

LPG gas heaters are the next most popular type of space heater. These heaters come in many sizes, from small mobile heaters for smaller environments, to larger industrial heaters for workshops and warehouses.

LPG gas heaters can be the ideal solution for fast and efficient heat either in permanent or emergency applications. Gas heaters are also very popular in the construction industry, for drying and keeping the workforce warm on site.

Our LPG gas heaters are direct fired heaters, which means that they should only be used in areas with lots of ventilation. This is due to the effect that any fumes could have in a confined space, and the effects of oxygen depletion - a direct fired heater creates a flame which depletes the oxygen levels in the air within the space, in order to sustain ignition. Therefore your site should have adequate ventilation for an LPG gas direct fired heater to be suitable.

Direct Diesel Heaters

Our range of direct diesel heaters can be used to heat large, well ventilated commercial and industrial spaces. This is due to the effect that any fumes could have in a confined space, and the effects of oxygen depletion - a direct fired heater creates a flame depletes the oxygen levels in the air in order to sustain ignition. Therefore your site should have adequate ventilation for an direct fired diesel heater.

Direct diesel heaters provide the cheapest and fastest way to heat larger industrial spaces, and they are simple in design, so they are easy to set up and use. Direct diesel heaters are very mobile and come with a fitted fuel tank, making them ideal for emergency heating requirements.

Indirect Diesel Heaters

Indirect diesel heaters burn fuel differently to direct heaters, to produce a much cleaner heat. Our indirect diesel heaters feature heat exchangers with a flue union, to expel fumes. So indirect diesel heaters are placed outside the area that is to be heated and the heat is ducted into the space from the heater, whilst the fumes are expelled outside via the exhaust. This means that indirect diesel heaters can be used for heating more enclosed, less well ventilated areas, where clean air is vital.

Our indirect diesel heaters are ideal for use in enclosed warehouses and workshops, as well as halls and marquees. Indirect diesel heaters are extremely popular heaters for temporary heating at events and parties. These heaters are also a very cost effective and efficient method of space heating.

Our Arcotherm EC range of indirect diesel heaters are robust, reliable and safe indirect diesel space heaters, with safety devices which shut down the heaters if they malfunction. These heaters are extremely well-made and robust – they are very popular in the marquee hire and events industries.

Cabinet Heaters

Cabinet heaters provide a practical and convenient heating solution. These space heaters come in a vast range of sizes, for all kinds of applications – from schools and halls, to hospitals, shops, leisure facilities and more! Cabinet heaters require minimal installation, yet they can be used to heat large areas very quickly.

The Arcotherm Confort range of cabinet heaters are extremely high quality space heaters, with internal fuel tanks and built-in thermostats. The Arcotherm SP range of cabinet heaters are powerful and reliable industrial heaters with a vast array of features to maximise heating performance, safety and reliability. Both gas and diesel oil fuelled cabinet heaters are available.

Farm Heaters

Farm heaters are extremely high quality indirect diesel heaters, designed specifically for use in agricultural and industrial premises, to acclimatise the area for animal rearing and crop farming. These heaters keep livestock and crops at the an ideal, comfortable temperature, to promote healthy growth and protect from harsh weather conditions.

The Arcotherm range of farm heaters are designed to be suspended from ceilings in large greenhouses, cow sheds, piggeries, horse stables, warehouses and more. Farm heaters are extremely well made, reliable pieces of heating equipment – with a galvanized sheet metal body, for excellent strength, reliability and resistance, and a stainless steel combustion chamber, with a high efficiency heat exchanger, to ensure high thermal performance. Arcotherm suspended farm heaters also feature a summer/winter switch, which allows the heater to be used as a fan during summer months.