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Warehouse Heaters

Heating a warehouse, both to the benefit of the workforce and the goods stored within, can be a complicated and costly exercise. However, with our range of industrial space heaters, we can provide a cost effective, efficient and safe method for heating a warehouse.

For an enclosed space such as a warehouse, it is important that the space heater you use produces clean and safe warm air.

Our indirect diesel heaters are perfect for warehouse heating. Indirect fired diesel heaters are highly portable space heaters, designed to be placed outside the area you wish to heat. They draw warm air in, heat it and then blow it into the space through ducting. Meanwhile any harmful fumes are exhausted away outside. This ensures that only clean, safe, fume-free warm air is used to heat the space. We have indirect diesel heaters available in a huge range of different sizes, so whether you have a small warehouse or a large industrial warehouse to heat, we have ta suitable indirect space heater for your needs.

We also have a fantastic range of cabinet heaters available. These space heaters are designed to be installed in the warehouse that you wish to heat, with a flue pipe set up to take the exhaust fumes outside through an external wall or through the roof. We have diesel cabinet heaters available that require very little installation work - simply set up the flue through a wall or roof and connect the heater up to it. Keep the fuel tank topped up with diesel and it will keep your warehouse heated all day! We also have large gas powered cabinet heaters available that require installation into a gas mains system by a qualified professional.

Our warehouse heaters are all high quality, safe and reliable pieces of equipment manufactured by some of the best brands in the industry. So you can be sure they will be able to withstand the demands of industrial use.