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Thermobile AT306 Fixed Cabinet Heater - Universal Oil 27kW

  • Thermobile AT306 Fixed Cabinet Heater - Universal Oil
  • 27kW Heat Output
  • Diesel, Bio Oil or Waste Oil Fuelled
  • 230v Power Supply
  • 50 Litre Internal Fuel Tank
  • Compact & Robust Design
  • Easy To Install
  • 'Thermo' Version Offers Greater Air Throw
  • Ideal For Workshops

Please note: The AT306 has been discontinued by Thermobile & replaced by the Thermobile BioEnergy B

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Please note: The AT306 has been discontinued by Thermobile & replaced by the Thermobile BioEnergy B

Thermobile AT306 Waste Oil Cabinet Heater

Save time, money, effort and waste by recycling used oil

The Thermobile AT306 is a tough and robust universal oil cabinet heater. It is ideal for use in workshops, warehouses and industrial units, to provide an effective, safe and convenient source of heat. It has the potential to save the operator thousands of pounds in fuel bills over its total service life, whilst at the same time offering exceptional and consistent performance. This waste oil burner heater can be fuelled with diesel, red diesel or bio diesel, as well as 35 second heating oil, processed fuel oil (PFO), rapeseed oil, linseed oil, certain vegetable oils and waste oil from diesel or petrol engines, gearboxes, transmissions, hydraulic systems, diesel oil or any combination of these. (Subject to licensing control). The following must not be used; solvents, thinners, petro-chemical based oils, transformer oil or any oil above S.A.E. 90.

100% clean & safe heat

Perfect for both commercial and industrial applications

This waste oil cabinet heater utilizes a built-in fuel tank, perforated combustion chamber, and internal vaporizing burner to maximise the efficiency from whatever fuel source has been implemented and offers a fixed outlet temperature of between 50 and 70 °C. Despite having the ability use multi-fuel oils, this doesn’t mean that the air or heating quality is compromised, as like other Thermobile cabinet heaters, the AT 306 only emits 100% clean, odourless air. The fumes produced during the combustion process are exhausted out of the space using a flue kit (sold seperately).

Perfect for applications including workshops, warehouses or other locations that may benefit from utilizing multi-fuel oils, this cabinet heater also possesses all the characteristics that make it suitable for day-to-day use. The safe outer shell casing is durable and powder coated to effectively protect the internal components from accidental damage on site.

Exceptional build quality

Oil overflow and overheat security thermostat.

During operation, this unit also employs an overheat security thermostat and oil overflow security protection which also goes towards this protection and promotes positive maintenance practices.

The standard model AT306 produces radiant heat only, whilst the AT306 THERMO produces a combination of radiant heat plus hot air from the top mounted 'thermo’ blower.

Please note: Unlike other models in the Thermobile AT range, this model does not have a sealed combustion chamber. Therefore, this model is not suitable for use in areas where explosive vapours can be present e.g. petrol fumes. In these circumstances, customers are advised to use the AT307 model as an alternative.


Technical Information:
Heat output (Btu/hr): 68000-92000
Heat output (kW): 20-27
Tank Capacity (litres): 50
Fuel consumption oil max. (l/hr): 2.0-2.7
Power consumption 230 V (AMPS): 0.6

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