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Reznor FSE-GN145 Gas Fired Cabinet Heater 145kW

Reznor FSE-GN145 Gas Fired Cabinet Heater


  • Industrial Gas Fired Cabinet Heater
  • 145kW Heating Capacity
  • 10,900m³/hr Airflow
  • Easy To Use Controls
  • Fuelled By Natural Gas
  • Can Be Specified For Use With Propane
  • Can Be Used With Ducting
  • Suitable For Workshops, Warehouses & Factories

  2 Year Warranty

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  • 100% Clean, Fume-Free Heat: Only clean, fume-free warm air is blown out of the heater, meaning it is suitable for heating enclosed, poorly ventilated space. It is ideal for garages, factories, warehouses, workshops, sports halls and more.

    145kW Heating Capacity: Large heat capability for a industrial spaces.

    94% Thermal Efficiency: Two stage burner and inversion combustion chamber with two pass heat exchanger assembly provides improved thermal efficiency with extended life expectancy. The stainless steel combustion chamber is combined with a high efficiency flat tube heat exchanger to achieve combustion efficiencies of up to 94%.

    Centrifugal Fan: Circulateas large air volumes evenly across the full heat exchanger surface for enhanced life expectancy.

    10,900 m3/H Airflow: High airflow, capable of heating large spaces effectively.

    Flue Connection: Combustion by-products are exhausted out of the flue exhaust. Sections of flue pipe are available separately, allowing you to safely vent exhaust fumes away from the space horizontally through a wall, vertically through a roof, or a combination of both.

    High Quality Construction: Penta-post frame profiled in aluminised steel, galvanised & painted body panels, aluminised steel heat shields and internal insulation, for a tough, rugged and safe cabinet design.

    Integrated Discharge Nozzles: Free blowing heater are supplied with long throw discharge nozzles complete with horizontal louvres and can be rotated through 360 degrees.

    Can Specified For Use With Ducting: This unit can be specified for use with ductwork, rather than discharge nozzles. Large lengths of ducting can be attached to these heaters, to direct the warm air over long distances.

    Propane Option Available: This heater is designed to be fuelled by natural gas, however a model specified for use with propane can be ordered. The heater and its flue system must be installed by a qualified heating engineer.

    415v 3 Phase Power Supply: Suitable for a range of industrial spaces.

    Reznor SmartCom Multizone Control Panel: Control panel comes included. Allows you to control the heater easily, with adjustable temperature control and fan settings, self adapting optimum start and stop function which turns the heater on or off automatically to maintain the correct climate.

  • Reznor FSE-GN145 Gas Fired Cabinet Heater

    145kW industrial gas heater

    The Reznor FSE-GN145 Gas Fired Cabinet Heater is a powerful industrial heater that quickly and efficiently heats large spaces. It is ideal for vast, open areas like factories, warehouses, garages, workshops, and other locations that can be difficult to heat and keep warm. The FSE-GN145 cabinet heater can create warmer, safer, and more comfortable working conditions for everyone inside the room. It combines innovative design and tried and trusted technology to deliver a performance beyond expectations. It is an extremely robust and hard-wearing appliance for demanding commercial and industrial environments, and it can thrive when exceptional performance levels are needed. The cabinet itself is made from a Penta-post frame that is profiled in aluminised steel. The body panels are pre-painted and galvanised to provide a rigid and durable structure, and the heating section panels have added internal insulation and heat shields that are also made from aluminised steel. This rugged outer shell combined with the high-quality internal components makes the FSE-GN145 the ideal space heater for fast-paced, busy, working environments. It is capable of delivering a massive 145kW of heat output and an airflow rate of 10,900 m3 per hour - allowing it to circulate warm air around large spaces quickly and efficiently. These gas-fired cabinet heaters are suitable for use with natural gas (G20) as standard, but you can also order a model specified for use with Propane (G31).

    Reznor Gas Fired Air Heater

    Efficient. Effective. Economical.

    The Reznor FSE-GN145 gas heater features an efficient heat exchanger that can achieve up to 94% thermal efficiency. The innovative heat exchanger has a two-pass design which allows for this improved level of heating efficiency, and it also improves service life expectancy. The heat exchanger is contained within a stainless steel combustion chamber, and it is mounted to allow for thermal expansion. This enables the Reznor heater to expand and contract during use and avoid any unnecessary stress that can lead to the early failure of any of the integral parts. The heater is fitted with a fully automatic forced draught burner with high and low settings, and full safety controls certified to EN676 standards. For air distribution, the powerful centrifugal fans circulate large volumes of air across the entire heat exchanger surface. This is another feature that helps to prolong service life, and it also allows for a more even distribution of heat. This way, any space will warm up quickly throughout and without any cold spots. To ensure that you have more control over the heater, a Smartcom Multizone control panel is included as standard. This allows you to turn the heater on and off, adjust the output level, set automatic running programmes, check service data, and more.

    Pioneering Reznor Gas Heater

    Floorstanding warm air heater

    The Reznor FSE-GN145 is an innovative and efficient freestanding gas-fired cabinet heater that is ideal for industrial applications and in areas such as warehouses, factories, garages, and other large facilities. These gas heaters are designed to be free blowing, with long-throw discharge nozzles and raised rear nozzles. The nozzles feature horizontal louvres to ensure that heat is distributed downwards so that it can circulate from the ground up and reduce the temperature gradient that can occur from the floor to the ceiling in large spaces. The nozzles can also be rotated 360° so that you can adjust them as you need to so they can be more effective. These versatile Reznor heaters are also designed to be compatible with ducting. Ductwork can be fitted directly to the outlets so that you can vent heat into specific areas directly. Flue kits are available so that you can exhaust all of the waste fumes out of the space and into the open safely. The 175mm flue kit includes a 2m flue, and you can also buy additional 1m sections so that you can extend the flue up to 6m in total. Order your Reznor FSE-GN145 and flue kits online or by calling us directly to talk to a member of our sales team. Our team has a wealth of experience and can help with any concerns or questions that you might have.

  • Nominal heat output kW: 144
    Temperature rise ℃: 39
    Gas Consumption Nat gas G20 m3/h: 16.7
    Gas Consumption propane G31 m3/h: 4.3
    Minimum inlet pressure Nat gas G20 mbar: 17.5
    Minimum inlet pressure propane G31 mbar: 37.0
    Gas Connection2 Rc: 1"
    Air Handling Data
    Airflow m3/h: 10,900
    Static pressure (Ducted) Pa: 150
    Main fan motor kW: 3.0
    Full load current A: 6.2
    General Data
    Electrical Supply: 3 Phase N & E
    Nominal flue diameter mmø: 180
    Noise level at fan inlet grille dB(A): 86
    Noise level @ 5m dB(A): 61
    Net weight kg: 370
    Unit Dimensions (WxDxH) mm: 800 x 1200 x 1900
    Flue Ø mm: 180

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    A great purchase, hard wearing and works perfectly

    Dilraj Dell
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    Works perfect as expected, and arrived incredibly quickly! Thanks

    dennis hargrave
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    A great purchase, hard wearing and works perfectly

    lester puente

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Reznor FSE-GN145 Gas Fired Cabinet Heater

  • Industrial Gas Fired Cabinet Heater
  • 145kW Heating Capacity
  • 10,900m³/hr Airflow
  • Easy To Use Controls
  • Fuelled By Natural Gas
  • Can Be Specified For Use With Propane
  • Can Be Used With Ducting
  • Suitable For Workshops, Warehouses & Factories


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