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Koolbreeze Koolmist 450 Evaporative Air Cooler 30 Litres

  • Koolbreeze Koolmist 450 Evaporative Air Cooler
  • Economical Evaporative Cooler
  • For Well Ventilated Spaces
  • Ideal For Workshops & Warehouses
  • Suitable For Pubs & Bars
  • Cooling Area Of 25 to 42M²
  • Air Distance Of 6M
  • Airflow Rate 2500m³/hr
  • Water Reservoir Of 30L
  • Consumes Up To 5L/Hr

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30L Water Tank: Designed for well-ventilated low humidity spaces, this evaporative air cooler can provide vast volumes of cool humid air in small to medium sized working areas of up to 25 to 42M²/ 250 to 450Sq Ft.

Consumes Up To 5 Litres Per Hour: Water is pumped from the water tank up to the top of the unit. The water flows down thorough the cooling pad and back into the tank. It is easy to fill and has a simple water level indicator.

Airflow Of 2500m³/hr: This evaporative cooler is designed to create comfortable environments for busy areas on warm days in large areas and has an air distance of 6m.

Cooling Pad: As warm, ambient air is draw into the machine and through the wet cooling pad, it cools and causes water droplets to evaporate into the air. This process naturally reduces the temperature of the air.

Automated Louvres: These evaporative coolers have louvres on the air outlet, which automatically move from left to right to ensure proper circulation of cool air.

Inbuilt Ioniser: Helps purifies the air before it is circulated for a fresher feel.

Powerful Fan: With three speeds, the in-built fan has three speed settings so it can be set to the appropriate level for the space that you wish to cool.

Low Noise: These coolers are very quiet at less than 56dbl, which means that using one of these fans will not be disruptive to any working environment.

Control Panel: An LED screen with temperature display, three speed fan, airflow modes and a timer.

Remote Control: These coolers come with a remote control that allows for easy operation without having to go up to the machine to change settings.


Efficient Evaporative Air Cooler

High performance fan for large areas

The new Koolmist range by Koolbreeze offers an effective and economical answer for evaporative cooling in working areas like large workshops, warehouses, garages, retailers, and pubs and bars. These efficient evaporative air coolers produce a cold air outlet that can benefit areas of 250 to 450Sq ft, improving hot and stuffy conditions and creating a more comfortable environment. The powerful fan motor creates an impressive airflow, with a throw of up to 6m. The automatic louvres on the air outlet are designed to offer the best possible air distribution. The high-density cooling pads provide better efficiency, and the inbuilt ioniser works to produce fresher filtered air. The axial fan has three speed settings which can be controlled to best suit your space.

Economically Designed

Suitable for a range of applications

Koolbreeze Koolmist evaporative air cooler fans are built in an industrial style. They are compact, robust, and highly portable. Surprisingly lightweight and standing at less than a metre high, these units are unimposing, and are suitable and convenient for demanding working areas. The wheels at the base make it easy to push the cooler into place and move it when necessary. The air pressure noise level is just 56dbl and is not disruptive if used in quiet environments.

Highly Functional Evaporative Air Cooler

Easy to operate & maintain

Koolbreeze Koolmist evaporative coolers are powerful and can be plugged into any standard power outlet for convenience. There is no need for any additional cables or transformers which can get in the way, and there is an integrated cable holder included. There is an LED display, timer, sleep setting, and remote control to make operation as straightforward as possible. The 30L water reservoir is easy to fill using the secure access door and has a simple water level indicator. The water level indicator is useful so you never accidentally overfill the tank, or try to use the evaporative air cooling unit while it is empty. One full water tank can provide six hours of constant use.

Please note: Evaporative air coolers are designed for use in well ventilated areas with low humidity. When in use, windows and doors should be opened to allow a supply of fresh air into the space that you want to cool. Evaporative coolers should not be used in areas with no ventilation. If used in enclosed spaces evaporative coolers can cause a build-up of condensation within the space. Evaporative air coolers must not be used in areas that contain delicate materials that can be affected by a rise in humidity. Consider an air conditioner as an alternative, as the best cooling option for those environments.


Cooling Area 25 to 42M²/ 250 to 450Sq Ft 
Air Distance 6M
Airflow Rate 2500m³/hr 
Water Reservoir 30L 
Usage 5L/hr
Input Power 115W
Dimensions (WxDxH) 480x360x930mm
Packaging Dimensions (WxDxH) 520x390x930mm
Weight 11.5kg Net ; 14kg Gross
Noise 56dbl - Air pressure

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reliable addition to our work, don't know what we'd do without it now

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Does exactly what it says on the tin, made to last and shipped out fast, thanks

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Very satisfied

Solid investment to make, will be ordering more in future, chuffed with the durability and quality

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