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HEYLO DT960 Portable Industrial Dehumidifier 230v 46 Litres

  • HEYLO DT960 Portable Industrial Dehumidifier 230v
  • Tough & Portable Industrial Dehumidifier
  • 46 Litres Per Day Capacity
  • Robust Metal Casing
  • Integrated Hygrostat
  • Operating Hours & MID Energy Meters
  • 13L Water Tank
  • Condensate Pump Available
  • Ideal For Construction & Tradespeople
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£1,560.00 (inc VAT)

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46 Litres Per Day Extraction Rate: Excellent capacity for drying out rooms in the home and in commercial properties following construction, renovation, decorating and water damage.

Portable Design: This dehumidifier is compact and manoeuvrable, with wheels at the base and a large handle allowing it to be moved around and used wherever it is needed.

Simple Controls: A simple control panel makes the HEYLO DT960 dehumidifier very easy to operate.

Integrated Hygrostat: This allows you to set a required relative humidity level and the dehumidifier will switch itself on and off as required to reach and maintain this set humidity level, adding convenience and saving on running costs.

13L Water Tank: This tank collects moisture extracted from the air. The dehumidifier will automatically shut down when the tank fills to prevent spills.

Hour Counter: Allows you to monitor time spent on the job.

MID Energy Meter: Allows you to monitor energy used on the job.

Optional Condensate Pump Available: Available as an optional accessory, the condensate pump automatically pumps collected moisture out of the dehumidifier, allowing continuous drainage and removing the need to keep emptying the tank.

Electronic Defrost: Automatically engages to melt ice built-up on the coils, to ensure efficient performance over long periods and in colder conditions.


HEYLO DT960 Portable Industrial Dehumidifier

Tough industrial dehumidifier for construction, decorating, renovation, leaks & floods

The HEYLO DT960 is a tough portable compressor dehumidifier, designed for industrial use in rooms following construction work, decorating work, renovation work and water damage. This robust dehumidifier helps to dry spaces out properly and combat condensation, moisture damage, damp and mould.

This HEYLO dehumidifier features a convenient portable design. It is capable of extracting up to 46 litres of moisture from the air per day and it features a 13 litre water collection tank. An optional condensate pump is available, which automatically pumps moisture out of the unit, allowing continuous operation without the need to keep emptying the water tank.

The HEYLO DT 960 compressor dehumidifier has an easy to use digital control panel to operate the dehumidifier. The integrated hygrostat allows you to set a desired humidity level within the space and then the dehumidifier will switch itself on and off automatically as required to maintain this set level. This adds great convenience and reduces running costs. This model also features an operating hours counter and a MID energy meter, so you can monitor time and energy used on the job.

The tough metal casing of this dehumidifier makes it easy to clean and service, and protects from bumps and knocks on site.


Article No.: 1110585
Dehumidification rate (l / 24h) (30 deg. C / 80 % r.h.): 46
Dehumidification rate max. (l / 24 h): 58
Air flow rate (m³ / h): 650
Dryer performance surface (sqm) (h = 250 / 20 deg.C / 60 r.h.): 130
Electric Connection (V / Hz): 230 / 50
Max. power (kW): 0.92
Power consumption max. (A): 4.2
Energy meter integrated (kWh): Yes
Operating hours counter integrated: Yes
Application temperatures (deg.C): 5 - 35
Water Tank: 13L
Condensate Pump: Optional
Coolant-type: R1234yf
Quantity of coolant (g): 510
Type of compressor: Rotary Piston
Evaporator type: Tube Evaporator
Defrosting: Electronic Defrosting
Protection Class: IP44
Volume (dB(A)/3m): 51
Lenght / Width / Height (mm): 520 / 460 / 900
Weight (kg): 49

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