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El-Bjorn TF 18EL 32A Electric Heater / Dryer 9kW to 18kW

  • El-Bjorn TF 18EL 32A Electric Heater / Dryer


Powerful, popular and persistent

Clean, reliable 360° heating system - without fumes!

TF18EL electric fan heaters are some of the most popular types of space heaters in the El Bjorn heater range. Typically, heating and drying buildings can be both expensive and time-consuming. However, El Bjorn TF18EL electric fan heaters, with their high efficiency and cost-effectiveness, reduce the cost and time it takes to heat a wide range of spaces!


Efficiency and performance at heart 

Designed for optimum heat distribution

Quick and easy to install and operate, El Bjorn TF18EL heater is an 18Kw electric fan heater featuring an efficient radial fan, inflatable multi-directional fabric air distributor, and two airflow speeds. El Bjorn TF18EL space heaters are therefore capable of producing airflows of 2300/1700 m³/h for optimum performance under most site applications. The efficient fan design and multi-directional air diffuser allow these heaters to heat spaces quickly and efficiently, unlike heaters from some other brands with inefficient axel heaters and diffusers which send the air in only one direction.


Hardy and reliable in all weathers 

Perfect for indoor, air-quality and noise-sensitive areas

The unique and efficient design of El Bjorn TF18EL electric fan heaters allow them to effectively heat areas up to 350 m² or 1225 m³, at -13 °C outside to 15-18 °C inside - with normal insulated walls in the building and a typical ceiling height of around 3m. El Bjorn TF18EL electric fan heaters are also safe and reliable space heaters. They are CE certified, S marked, classified as room heaters and rated to IP44 standard. Additional metal flue outlets, silencers and other accessories/spares are also available to purchase for this model. Power cable sold separately on this class of El-Bjorn heater.


Incoming 5-pol/400V 32A CEE 432-6 1 pcs
Connector: 3N/ 400V
Rated current 32 A
Output modes 9-18 kW
Total thermal power 18 kW
Temperature increase 25/34 °C
Air flow 2300 /1700 m³/h
Noise level 65 dB(A)
Weight 72 kg
Dimensions H x W x D (mm) 1260x530x660 mm
Protection class IP44

Latest Reviews

The TF 18EL ..

Very good heating/drying solution for 3 phase users
we have been using this model for 4 months now 6 days a week, it doesn't miss a beat, the features make it stand out from the crowd, it's not just blue!
the air sock works better than you could ever imagine, the 6 outlets are large and very effective
its a world away from a traditional 1 direction fan heater - 5 STARS

Aron Paducel

TF 18 Elbjorn

5* heater, very effective solution due to the design and power, twice as good as anything else in the class,great heater, great service and great price

Doron Farmer


Unique! simply the best multidirectional heater on the market

Petrus Retallack