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El-Bjorn AD-620E Condensing Dehumidifier

  • El-Bjorn AD-620E Condensing Dehumidifier

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When it comes to climate control and drying within an industrial environment, the amount of moisture in the air is a factor that can often be overlooked, leaving scope for potentially expensive and health damaging problems to occur further down the line. The El-Bjorn AD 620E Building Dehumidifier acts quickly and efficiently to remove moisture from the air, which can have a whole host of benefits.

A great compact unit to have on site, the El-Bjorn AD620E is a professional condensing dehumidifier that is highly effective in the reduction of moisture from enclosed spaces up to 200m³. It stars a protected chassis, which can deal with the day-to-day trials of life on site, as well as the ability to be stacked thanks to its tessellating design and lack of protruding extremities. This unit also features a dynamic rotary compressor, which increases efficiency significantly compared to other dehumidifiers of this type and size on the market today.

The internal two-stage fan has the ability to run continuously with minimal maintenance, and thanks to its included five-year warranty, you can buy the AD620E with confidence that it is built to last. Excess moisture is collected in the respectably sized 8-litre tank, which is big enough to ensure that trips to empty isn’t as often as on domestic units. As for monitoring, this unit includes an adjustable state-of-the-art hygrometer, which displays the amount of moisture in the air in real time, as well as an hour-counter to keep track of the running time of the unit in relation to the amount of moisture condensed.

For more information on the El-Bjorn AD620E condensing dehumidifier, our range of El-Bjorn electric heaters, or any other unit in the National Heater Shops range, contact our friendly experts at the sales team today.


Voltage: 110 V
Airflow: 250-350 m³/h
Refrigerant: R134a
Moisture Container Volume: 8l
Working range Temp: +7 - +34 °C
Noise level: 46 dB(A)
Weight: 19 kg
Dimensions H x W x D (mm): 902 x 467 x 394 mm


Capacity at 20°C (60%RH): 9l/24h
Capacity at 27°C (60%RH): 5l/24h
Capacity at 27°C (60%RH): 12l/24h
Capacity at 30°C (80%RH): 19l/24h

Latest Reviews

Elbjorn AD620E

Perfect site dehumidifier, having them on site is ideal but they never last due to the environment, we now have 6 of these and they are built tough, they get lashed around, kicked drop and knocked over and they never fail
if you need something tough this is the one to go for!

Mr Salter

Condenser Dehumidifier

Works very well, not your household type !!
Works in a big area and also stackable if more power is needed
condenser works well and doesnt need to be emptied very often
built in hygrometer is a nice touch, take the guess work out


fast delivery

Great Service

Jacob Insulation