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Swimming Pool Room Dehumidifiers

Swimming Pool Room Dehumidifiers

Safe & reliable pool dehumidifiers

Swimming pool room dehumidifiers are vital appliances for any indoor area with a pool, jacuzzi, hot tub, or other facilities that uses a lot of water. They are important for stabilising the ambient conditions of indoor pools because the air can vary massively depending on the temperature of the room, the temperature of the water, and number of occupants. A pool dehumidifier can maintain a comfortable and pleasant atmosphere. They also help to prevent the adverse effects of excess moisture such as condensation on windows, peeling paint, and small depsoits of water that has collected on the ground. When excess moisture is trapped within a room, it can be devastating to the aesthetics, structural integrity, and overall safety of the space. You cannot use any standard home or commercial dehumidifier in a pool area. Indoor pool dehumidifiers are specially designed for these applications, with a robust design and specialist refrigerated elements that can withstand harsh chlorinated water conditions. They need to be able to be securely wall-mounted to ensure that they cannot be knocked over and to comply with electrical safety regulations. Some are ductable dehumidifiers that can be installed in an adjoining room or another space that is out of the way. These appliances are IP rated with low voltage controls for safety in wet environments. Take a look at our range of pool dehumidifiers on our website and order your swimming pool room dehumidifier online or by phone. For further information, you can get in touch by email, live chat, or telephone.