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LPG Gas Heaters

LPG gas heaters are extremely popular space heaters, due to their ease of use, portability and efficiency. Our Arcotherm GP range of space heaters use propane gas as fuel for providing large volumes of heat quickly. We are also proud to stock the Master BLP range, including the BLP17 MDC with cutting-edge battery technology as well as the extensive Thermobile AGA and GA series of gas heater. All-in-all, we stock gas heater ranging from 15kW to 130kW.

Our LPG gas heaters are direct fired heaters, so they should be used in more open areas or well ventilated spaces, such as building sites, warehouses and more. This is due to the effect that any fumes, produced during combustion of the fuel, could have in a confined space and the effects of oxygen depletion. As, a direct fired heater creates a flame which depletes the oxygen levels in the air in order to sustain ignition. 

LPG gas heaters are versatile, reliable and safe, as the motor and gas flow is automatically cut off if there is a malfunction. LPG gas heaters can be used in the construction industry for keeping the workforce warm, as well as speeding up the drying process following work such as painting and platering.