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Infrared Heaters

Infrared Heaters

Comfortable & cost-effective heaters for a range of spaces

We have a fantastic range of infrared heaters from the best brands in the industry available to purchase online or over the phone. Infrared is a completely natural and completely safe method of heating. It is also efficient, cost effective and comfortable. Whilst fan heaters warm up the air and then blow it out into a space in order to heat the area, infrared heaters offer a more direct form of heat. Infrared does not warm the air - it instead directly warms walls, furniture, surfaces, objects and people within its range. The heat is stored within the walls and surfaces, and is then radiated evenly. This provides a comfortable and consistent level of heating. The infrared heating process is completely natural - it is the same kind of heat that you would feel when sunbathing - but without any harmful UV rays! 

We have infrared heating solutions for industrial applications, including electric models such as Herschel wall mounted infrared heaters and the portable Elite Heat infrared quartz heater for workshops and warehouses. We also have portable diesel models from Master, Arcotherm and Thermobile in a range of sizes. These units are ideal for use on construction sites and open industrial areas. As infrared heating does not create an airflow, it offers an ideal solution for heating dusty construction sites and other challenging areas where a blast of warm air could cause an issue.

We also have a selection of attractive, stylish and discreet infrared heaters available for use in and around the home, in offices, shops, hotels, restaurants and other areas where the aesthetics of the heater are important. Our range includes Herschel infrared heaters for patios, terraces, outdoor dining areas and bars. We have models that create a glow of light as well as no light heaters. Our Herschel & Heat4All infrared heating panels are modern and efficient products and they compliment contemporary interior design styles in homes and offices brilliantly. They offer a great spot heating solution for bedrooms, living rooms, extensions, hotel rooms, offices and more. We also have infrared picture heaters, infrared mirror heaters and infrared light panel heaters available. Our infrared picture panel heaters can be cutomised with a huge range of popular designs, artwork, or an image that you supply, to provide a beautiful feature for a wall that also acts as a discreet heater.

Take a look at our full range on our website. You can order online or over the phone with our sales team. Enquire online via live chat or over the phone with our sales team for more information or advice.