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Versatile Space Heaters

Heating solutions for all applications

We have an incredible range of versatile heating equipment available for purchase online, or you can call our expert sales team directly. Our selection features some of the most reputable manufacturers in the business, and we supply space heaters for a host of applications. We cover all industrial, commercial, and domestic needs. Including cabinet heaters for large indoor areas, indirect space heaters for marquees, direct space heaters for outdoor warming, stylish patio heaters for bar terraces and gardens, and greenhouse heaters for horticultural and agricultural purposes.

Whether you need electric, gas, or diesel fired heaters, we can supply them at National Heater Shops. Space heaters are the most efficient, reliable, and cost-effective method for heating large working areas, commercial spaces during colder months, and bar terraces, patios, al fresco dining areas, and gardens on cold, crisp evenings. Establish the appropriate space heating system in any environment to motivate employees, encourage customers to shop for longer, and invite friends to stay up a little later.