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Fuel Tanks

Fuel Tanks

Safe & convenient bulk containers

We have a fantastic range of fuel tanks available to buy online. They are a safe, convenient and reliable solutions for the storage and the transport of different fuel types. These fuel containers can be used as diesel tanks, heating oil tanks, petrol tanks, and more. The bulk containers that we stock are produced by some of the most reputable brands in the industry, including Atlantis Tanks, Cemo, and Western Global, and we have a versatile selection available. We have large bunded fuel tanks like the Cemo Multi Tank and the TransCube. Bunded tanks have an outer container that surrounds a durable inner container. They are built to prevent leaks and spills, and they are required by law if the tank is over 3,500 litres capacity and in certain environments, such as anywhere near a public water source, lake, river or stream. These bunded storage units are designed to store fuel onsite securely. Some bunded fuel tanks, such as the Cemo DT-Mobile PRO, can be connected to equipment directly and used as a primary or auxiliary fuel source. This is ideal for appliances like space heaters that do not have an integrated fuel tank, as well as other equipment that consumes a lot of fuel throughout the day. An extra fuel container ensures that equipment can run for longer and without interruption. Smaller single skin fuel tanks, such as Cemo DT-Mobile Easy tanks, can be used in the same way. They are suitable for use under the ADR exemption (ADR C), so they can be taken to site in a car, truck, or van to fuel equipment and machinery. We also have a range of refuelling trolleys that can be used as a secondary tank or to refuel equipment in situ. They are ideal for diggers, excavators, and other machinery, as you can reduce downtime and avoid having to travel to and the main refuelling location. They are a safe alternative to jerry cans - they can hold more fuel, they can be transported legally in a car or pickup truck, and they can be wheeled around site easily. Our fuel tanks are available in a range of sizes, and they are suitable for warehouses, workshops, construction sites, farms, marquee and event companies, and more. For more information and advice on our range of fuel tanks, contact our sales team by email, live chat, or telephone.

*Approved for transport according to ADR, but without a pump fitted. Examination required after 2.5 years. The transport approval for all plastic IBC is limited to 5 years.