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Quality Cooling Equipment

Air conditioners, evaporative coolers & cooling fans

We have a great range of high quality cooling equipment available to purchase online or over the phone. Our range includes portable air conditioners, evaporative coolers and cooling fans in a range of sizes. No matter the size of the area you need to cool - whether it be your home, office, restaurant, bar, shop, warehouse or factory, we can supply suitable cooling equipment.

Our range of air conditioning units and evaporative coolers includes compact portable air conditioners and evaporative air coolers for home use and small commercial use, as well as larger commercial and industrial units. Air conditioners are designed for use in enclosed rooms and spaces, with all doors and windows closed except for a window or vent that allows the exhaust duct to be vented outside. Evaporative coolers are much simpler and cheaper to run units than air conditioners. They use the natural process of evaporation to cool air and blow it back into the space. Evaporative air coolders are designed for use in well ventilated spaces and outdoor areas. As they add moisture to the air, they are not suitable for use in enclosed areas or in spaces where a rise in humidity could affect any equipment or materials in the space.

Our industrial cooling fans are ideal for use in warehouses, workshops, factories and other industrial areas. These fans help to keep air moving, preventing it from becoming stale and warm and providing a comforting and cooling breeze.