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Air Movers

Built with industrial and commercial use in mind, these powerful air movers are great for assisting with cooling, heating, ventilating or drying a wide range of environments - from warehouses and workshops to factories, plants and museums.

Highly versatile, air movers have many uses. They can help improve ventilation and air circulation in enclosed spaces as well as promoting drying in moist areas. They are ideal for use following a leak or flood or after decorating, construction, and plasterwork to help speed up the drying process. They can help the processes of other drying, heating, and cooling equipment too. For example, using an air mover with a dehumidifier significantly reduces drying times.

The airflow from the air mover increases moisture evaporation, making them a great option for almost any drying process. They can work over large spaces and at very high speeds making them ideal for use on construction sites, in workshops, commercial kitchens, warehouses, laundrettes, farmhouses, factories, greenhouses, and more.