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Air Curtains

Our air curtains are over door heaters that blow a stream of air over entrances. They work to separate the indoor and outdoor temperatures, ensuring a comfortable environment - perfect for commercial areas, such as shops, warehouses, offices, hospitals and more.

Air Curtains

Efficient over door heaters for commercial spaces

Air curtain heaters produce a stream of warm air that blows over entrances, separating the indoor and outdoor temperatures. They are ideal for commercial and public areas, such as supermarkets, libraries, museums, factories and more, as they work effectively when entrances are left open or are opened regularly.

The airstream creates a blanket of warmth that keeps outside air from entering the building. Air curtains keep cold and contaminated air outside, and the warm, heated air inside. They maintain the comfort levels for staff, customer and visitors during cold weather. They are economical and energy efficient because of the way they keep the warmth inside, which reduces heating costs.

Air curtains also help to keep insects, dirt and other airborne pollutants from entering, improving safety and cleanliness.

Air curtains can be installed into suspended ceilings, hung, or stood on solid surfaces. They are adjustable, quiet in operation and they are robust - offering a long service life.