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Space Heaters

We have a wide range of portable space heaters and fixed heating solutions available for all kinds of areas. Whether you are looking for a compact electric fan heater, portable gas heater, industrial diesel heater, waste oil cabinet heater or patio heater, we can provide a suitable heating solution.

Space Heaters For Any Application

Portable & fixed heaters for domestic, commercial & industrial use

We have a huge range of portable heaters and fixed heating equipment available to buy online or over the phone with our expert sales team. Our range features some of the most reputable manufacturers in the business, including Arcotherm, Broughton, Master, Reznor, Sip, Thermobile and more.

We supply space heaters for all kinds of applications, covering all domestic, commercial, and industrial needs. Whether you are looking for a small 240v electric fan heater or infrared heater for the home, a conservatory, outbuilding or office, whether you need outdoor heaters for your bar or restaurant, or whether you need an industrial heater for a workshop, warehouse or construction site, we can provide the ideal solution.

Electric Fan Heaters – Electric fan heaters provide a fast, clean and portable option for heating all kinds of different areas. They feature a heating element and an internal fan, which draws air in, pushes it over the heating element to warm the air and then pushes it out of the front of the heater. Electric fan heaters are available in a choice of different sizes. Options are available in 240v up to 3kW – ideal for heating rooms in the home, offices, shops, bars, restaurants, workshops and more. We also have larger 400v 3-phase industrial electric fan heaters available up to a huge 42kW – ideal for warehouses, factories, construction sites and other large industrial areas.

LPG Heaters – LPG heaters are fuelled using propane gas bottles. They feature an internal fan which draws air into the heater, they heat the air with their flame and blow the air out the front of the heater. These units are cheap to run and provide huge volumes of warm air. They must only be used in outdoor and well ventilated areas. They must not be used in enclosed indoor environments. These heaters are very popular on construction sites, in warehouses, garages, and at outdoor events.

Indirect Fired Diesel Heaters – Indirect fired diesel heaters burn diesel fuel to heat air and an internal fan to blow the warm air out the front of the heater. They also feature a heat exchanger and flue system, which expels fumes produced during combustion out of the top of the heater, so that only clean, fume free warm air is blown out of the heater. This clean warm air can be vented into areas using warm air ducting. The heater can also be placed inside a space and the exhaust can be vented outside using flue pipe. Indirect oil fired heaters are very popular in the marquee hire and events industries, as temporary heating solutions for marquees, tents and halls. They are also widely used in construction and industry. We have a great selection of marquee heater packages available which give you an indirect heater along with ducting, flue, thermostat and more together at a great price!

Direct Fired Diesel Heaters – Direct fired diesel heaters also burn diesel fuel to heat air and an internal fan to blow the air out of the front of the unit. However they do not feature a flue system – so fumes produced during combustion are blown out of the heater with the warm air. These heaters are cheap to run and very efficient, however they are only suitable for outdoor / well ventilated areas such as construction sites, warehouses and garages, with large shutter doors open. They must not be used in indoor or enclosed spaces.

Cabinet Heaters – Cabinet heaters are installed in workshops, warehouses, factories and other large industrial environments. They burn fuel – either diesel or gas depending on the model – and feature an internal fan system which draws air in from the space and then blows warm out of the heater. Fumes produced during combustion are exhausted out of the unit through a flue, which can be installed through an external wall or roof.

Infrared Heaters – Infrared heaters work differently to fuelled heaters which heat air – as these heaters instead use infrared radiation to heat objects, surfaces and people directly. They are ideal for use in places where airflow would cause disruption, such as in woodwork workshops, or outdoors and well-ventilated areas where heating the air would waste energy. Our range of infrared heaters is extensive. We have portable infrared heaters, wall mounted infrared heating, infrared heating panels, diesel infrared heaters and infrared patio heaters.

Patio Heaters – Our patio heater range includes both gas patio heaters and electric outdoor heaters. They can be used in the garden, on patios and terraces, as well as in pub beer gardens, restaurant terraces, hotels, events and more.

We have a great selection of heater package deals available, which give you a high quality industrial heater along with a range of accessories, such as warm air ducting, thermostat and flue, at a great price.

We also have a shop by application section, where you can view a selection of great heaters for specific applications. This is ideal if you are looking for a garage heater, workshop heater, farm heater or greenhouse heater and want to take a look at the best options for that purpose.