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Aerial Dehumidifiers

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Aerial Dehumidifiers

Aerial Climate Solutions

Aerial Climate Solutions was founded in Norderstedt, Germany in 1989. The company has since become one of the most reputable climate control equipment manufacturers in Europe.

Aerial began the construction of refrigerant dehumidifiers in its own factory in 1994, and continued to expand production, developing absorption dehumidifiers, OEM products and more, for a wide range of applications. Today, the company has been producing quality climate control products for more than 30 years.

Aerial focuses on producing efficient drying solutions for commercial and industrial industries. Their air dehumidification and water removal systems are used in a variety of ways. Applications include water damage drying, structural drying, industrial drying for treatment facilities, food processing, agriculture, husbandry and more.

The company also provides effective equipment for climate and humidity control in museums, galleries, churches, spas, showrooms and homes.

Aerial Climate Solutions remain a frontrunner for innovative drying equipment production and technology development. Their AD20 Restoration Dehumidifier is one of the smallest and lightest industrial-grade dehumidifiers available on the market, and much of their range benefits from using their unique and efficient technologies, such as eDRY® and BlueDRY®.

Aerial's eDRY® is an electronic system that offers more control over the available functions. It is an efficient and user-friendly system that provides precision and responsiveness to avoid unnecessary operating times and saving energy.

BlueDRY® is an economic innovation that improves the energy efficiency and the performance levels of refrigerant dehumidifiers. It allows the machines to work better at low humidities and low temperatures, as it features a multifunctional layer using nanotechnology. This layer enables the heater to exchanger to be cleaned quickly and easily, as well as offering water repellency. These benefits help to improve the energy balance of the heat exchanger significantly. The Aerial AD20, AD40 and AS740 dehumidifiers are all equipped with eDRY® and BlueDRY®.

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