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About Thermobile

Thermobile Industries BV is a major European manufacturer of heating products based in the Netherlands and established for 50 years.

With over 50 years of experience specialising in the industry, Thermobile has spent decades perfecting their space heater designs to give the best, and most reliable heating results every time. As a result of their outstanding reputation for quality heating products, Thermobile find themselves ranked among the most established and well-respected manufacturers on the market today.

Founded in The Netherlands, where they still produce hundreds of different varieties of heater today, Thermobile supply climate solutions across Europe and the world – everything from small 3kW electric heaters, to 100kW+ diesel powered workhorses. This exceptional level of choice and versatility among their range has seen them cemented as a firm favourite across a broad spectrum of industries, including crop-drying in the agricultural sector to marquee and vehicle workshop heating and even construction sites.

Safety and quality are at the heart of everything Thermobile do, and this is echoed by the components used within their heaters, which don’t just ensure an exceptional service life and consistent performance but also ensures that both operators, and the environment the heater sits in, remain safe and as undisturbed as possible. As a result, all of Thermobile’s heaters are manufactured to the strictest European standards and regulations, giving you peace of mind to use them with confidence every time.

To find out more about Thermobile, or any heater in the Thermobile range, contact our friendly experts on the sales team today who are on hand to help with any query or quote you may require.

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